Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #82 The She-Creature

Hello again we are back with another excellent review of our fine cinema. Today I will be reviewing the She-Creature which is the movie that came with "The Day the World Ended" in the Christmas gift I got from a friend. I admit bad movies are fun to watch once in a while and I have sort of enjoyed this.

Lets enjoy our time with a rather unlikable hypnotist who keeps a woman regularly under his spell. What many don't realize is that he can put her under so deep that her consciousness leaves her body and takes the form of the vicious She-Creature that kills those he sends her against.

Alright I know this is a pretty messed up film but there are a few good aspects...hold on...I'm thinking about it...ok got one. I think that the creepy music matched the mood sure it could have been done with a guy and a cheep keyboard in the back room of their effects closet but it was good enough for what I was seeing. I thought the concept of the doctor utilizing hypnosis to create a monster from past life regression was original in concept at least though not really that great a concept.

Where to I start...well let's just take the film and throw it out and be the end of it. The monster looks like a giant reject from the parts department. I always got to know why does a hard shelled sea creature need boobs? The concept though original was kind of stupid and the actors aparently knew it as it was all phoned in. This movie was a bad concept that couldn't help to ride the coat tails of a fine gem like The Day the world ended (see previous review).

Rating:  5/10

This is a two movie pack and is pretty cheap to get hold of.

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