Saturday, December 5, 2015

DVD Movie Review #174 Sharknado 3: Hell No!

Hell No indeed... I have a not so secret love of B movies and there is nothing like the Sharknado series to quench that bad movie craving. I recently saw one of the you tube collectors I follow talk about this film and said to myself that it is out and I need to get a copy for myself. $8 later I have a copy in my hands and in my player.

Taking place after the events of the second film our hero is induced into the prestigious  Golden Chainsaw Society (ok I have to admit this is so ridiculous it is funny especially as he utilized the trophy as he weapon through most of the film.) It is discovered that a mass of Sharknados is forming along the east coast forming the dreaded Sharkacane. Only our hero and his band of misfits can defeat the storm before it totally takes down the east coast.

One of the first things I love about this series is the cameos. I think this series is a place republican politicians go to when they are washed up to revive their careers. This also has several prominent names and I will save you from it as picking them out and then seeing who really is in it at the end is part of the fun. The Ridiculous nature of the plot makes this series what it is and yet again the make it more and more crazy and strange. Suspension of Disbelief time!

I actually think the effects got worse in this one. I mean one thing about having a film whose premise is to be bad you don't have to pay attention to effects or acting that much. I feel that this time they got to complacent and this caused this in my mind to be a lesser film in the trilogy. This film cannot be watched by any but in that small demographic of B movie lovers. Of course in truth other than being a shadow of the other two films I cannot say anything too bad about this film overall. It knows what it was out to do and it accomplished it.

In the end this is a good film overall but still needed a little bit of love to put this thing over the top. Sadly the love just wasn't quite there...

Rating: 6/10