Saturday, July 26, 2014

DVD Movie Review #141 Wanderlust

Hello again and we are back for the next in my lineup of wonderful DVD Movie reviews. This time I am hitting the movie Wanderlust. I ended up getting this movie at Walmart when I also decided to get The Perks of being a Wallflower I don't know why but I tend to group those two together. Well I watched the later but now I am working on the former.

This movie follows a married couple trying to find their way in New York. Both of them fall flat on their face and have to move in with the Brother who is well a...dick. They end up accidentally coming upon this Commune on their way and decide after a little thought to give hippy living a try. So watch the fun as two big city mice learn to be hippy country mice in this whimsical tale.

The acting in this film is pretty well done for the type we are looking at with the characters being believable and fitting well with the story. The music is a great highlight to this movie jamming well with the plot lines and the characters. The makeup and costume design (or lack thereof) was done appropriately and left you believing that you are in a commune with a bunch of hippies. Finally the plot was pretty funny and enjoyable the whole way round.

This movie can only really get so good. It does feel a bit campy at times and I do feel that some of the laughs were forced at times. I mean the part where the guy is psyching himself up to go at it with one of the other characters is well...a it much. I also felt that the whole commune in trouble story was a bit rushed and may not even have belonged in the story.

In the end this is a fun comedy that most can enjoy.

I got the blu-ray DVD combo edition of this film

Used:     $6.49

New:     $7.93    Amazon UK

Friday, July 25, 2014

DVD Movie Review #140 Spy Game

Hello yet again and we are back for another of my fantastic movie reviews. This time we are reviewing the movie Spy Game. I had gotten this as a part of an ebay shipment of 200 movies for $100 and it has been a while since this time. Finally I got the chance to open this two hour movie. It is kind of sad but I thought Robert Redford was Harrison Ford. I am sad and a bit embarrassed.

This film follows a retiring spy played by Robert Redford on his last day when he finds out that his protege played by Brad Pitt was caught and that the CIA is planning on hanging him out to dry. We have to watch as our hero recounts recruiting Pitt's character and then goes to great lengths in order to try and save him before he is executed.

This movie follows along quite well when it comes to the suspense game getting you engrossed in the complex storytelling. I feel that the acting is done very well with Redford doing well in his role as retiring spy and Pitt even with his age playing the young recruit. The music is fitting and matches the mood. The effects and picture quality are well worth the action that you get as a pretty fast paced picture of good overall quality.

This movie does have a tendency to drag at points with a lot of it taking place in the offices of the CIA. The rest of the plot takes a rather confusing cast going back and forth between flashbacks. This film has a sad bit of drag but at the same time one does at times have to sacrifice action for plot points.

In the end this is pretty good overall.    Rating :     7/10

This is the Collector's Edition DVD release.

Used:     $3.17    Ebay

New:     $4.12

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DVD Movie Review #139 Nyaruko Crawling with Love

Hello out there in internet land and welcome to another edition of my Blue Ray DVD reviews. This time I am reviewing the series Nyaruko Crawling with love. I found this series interesting due to its Lovecraft connection. I must admit the price tag was a little up there for my usual purchases but at the same time I have done stranger things.

This series stars an every day high school student that has been chased down by some demons set to auction him off. He is saved by Nyaruko who is straight out of Lovecraft but instead of a slithering beast she is an energetic high school girl who is employed by the local police to protect him. She lets go right away that she is in love with the boy and intends to keep at him until he says yes to her. In her way though is a cast of characters the the void of chaos.

This series has almost a Lum vibe to it with strange alien coming to earth for almost anything but what you would expect of them. The characters are fun for the most part and the action and comedy is fast paced and fun. The music is catchy with a good set of opening and ending songs. This series is a pretty decent harem type anime series.

Well when you have seen one type of this you have seen them all. Nyaruko is actually quite annoying at times and you are right with the guy in wanting to slap her. The stories don't really keep a serious tone and as such there is no real deep involvement or substantial character development. Of course having the only option being Japanese language gets on my nerves to a bit.

Overall this is a fun harem anime yet probably not worth the price tag.

Rating:   7/10

I got the Premium edition from NIS America and they have nice art books and series boxes. If you have the money they are definitely worth checking out.

Used:    None

New:    $47.99    Rightstuf

Sunday, July 20, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update 7/19/14

Hello again and welcome back to the next of my DVD and Blue Ray Updates. This time I am covering the Barnes and Nobles Sale that they have inflicted on me with their Criterion and Art House Films. They do this twice a year and like a sucker I fall into the void of the buying frenzy. This is one of two major sales that can do this (the other is Rightstuf's 12 Days of Anime Sale). Well let us start off and have some fun!
The Tick Live Action: I am a Patrick Warburton Fan and I am also a fan of the comics and the cartoons. The tick has been one of my favorites for a long time spoofing your normal super heroes and locking in the fun. This series I have only managed to see the first episode and then heard it was cancelled before a full first season. At the sale this was considered an "Art House" Title and was reduced to $5. Now to me that is a great price for a 9 episode series.
Safety Last: This is the first of the Criterion Films that I will be rating. This is an old Harold Lloyd Silent film Circa 1923. I am looking forward to seeing this cleared up in a way that will make it more enjoyable. I have never seen this film but know that it is an essential one for any collector. I am hoping to also get hold of Buster Keaton films as well in this vein. With a criterion DVD running for around $14 this was agian not one that I would like to pass up. To boot there are additional Lloyd shorts going as far back as 1918.

 Scanners: Again yet another release from Criterion. This film is actually very new tot he collection coming out just last Tuesday. THis film is one that I have been meaning to see for a long time, especially after I started getting into horror. This is a Cronenberg film and I know that this is a going to be a worthy film form me to see. I am prepared for head explosions and fun effects. I also obtained this film on Blue Ray for $20 which for Criterion Blue Ray is a steal. I am looking forward to finally seeing this horror masterpiece and thanks to Shout Factory I will even be able to satisfy my OCD with the sequels in the near future.
Pollock: I have been once again thrust into the academy award world with Pollock. This has been on my radar for a long time and the Barnes and Nobles Sale had this new for $7. I am impressed by the artistic value of the film and curious as to the subject matter. I was told that this is a very dark movie so I guess I will have to find a good mood day to watch this one.
Persona: I have been very much into Bergman's films really enjoying "Through a Glass Darkly" and continue to enjoy his dark narrative and artistic form. When I saw this film for under $20 I had to gain this for my collection. Of course with Criterion, blue ray is only an added bonus to this.

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking: This is a movie that I have been wanting to watch again since I had been enamored with it from childhood. This is a cute and imaginative children's film that can be fun for the whole family. I am not sure that I would recommend this film to adults as it doesn't have a lot of value to those of us without any Nostalgia for the film. If you have kids though I would highly recommend it. With a price of $5 it is a god cheap buy as well.
The Illusionist: This is a nominee for best animated feature that I was never able to fully watch. I really enjoyed the Triplets of Bellville and I cannot wait to finally see this one. I have wanted this on blue ray and I have wanted to get this cheaply if possible. The Barnes and Nobles Sale has allowed this for a price of around $14.
The Great Beauty: I am very happy to get hold of this for $20. I looked this up after the awards as it seems that the best foreign and best documentary are usually unable to be seen unless you can find your way to the out of the way theater that showed it. This was one of those type and became unavailable on anything but criterion though I have heard that this is a "Great Beauty" It is still a source of great frustration.
Dilbert: I have heard a lot about this series and it went off long before I could get at it. I have read the cartoons for a while and I am sure it will be quite fun to actually see it animated for myself. This is around 30 episodes. There are not a lot of extras but for $5 who is to be picky. I liked God the Devil and Bob and will be happy hear.
The Devil's Backbone: I am a Deltoro fan and I really enjoy his movies. I have watched this one once and I was not terribly impressed. This is of course why this movie is an essential but when I had a choice between this version for $4 and the Criterion for $20 I took the regular edition. This is not a bad one mind you it has a lot of extras and a fun set of things that you and explore.
Dallas Buyers Club: This is a film that was worthy of the Best Actor award and if you haven't seen it yet then you need to. This film has been on my lineup for a long time now and is only made special due to the award. I managed to find the blu-ray for around $10 and that is just too hard to refuse. Thanks to this I only have Gravity, Her and 12 years a Slave left before the 2013 season is in my collection.
Being There: This is a wonderful film. I have been wanting this for a long time now and this is a $9 Blu Ray over at the sale and I am so glad to finally have it here. This is per chance Peter Seller's best role!
Apollo 13: Well yet another of the $10 Blue Rays that I have waited sooo long to get hold of. I am very happy to have this one in my collection. I have never seen it yet know its importance. This film is supposedly a Blue Ray film so I will be having fun with this one.
A Hard Day's Night: I have to say this isn't the beatles movie I was after. I really wanted the movie "Help" and will come back to it when it comes out and is available. This was only $14 though so I am very happy for it.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update 7/7/14

Hello again and welcome to my next DVD movie update. This one is mainly a pre-order and completion update but still a fun one.
Legend of Korra Book Two: Spirits 7/11/14: This is one of the pre-orders I made through I like this series almost as much as the original and am enjoying my viewing of book 3 right now. I hope that this continues to be successful. For those of you who have not seen this I am saddened you need to watch right away. Besides the series is pretty inexpensive.
Shakugan no Shana Season II 7/11/14: I am very happy to continue with this series. It was just sooo expensive and Funimation just loves to charge $40 for half of a season. The S.A.V.E. program is really great and doing it with Blu Rays is also cool.

Naruto Shippuden Box 19 7/7/14: This is the continuation of this series. It runs too fast for me not to buy it as it comes out. Amazon usually reduces the price and this is good. It is sad that I am still working on Box set 11 but I am doing so quickly so I am hoping to catch up finally.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #138 Mini's First Time

Hello again and we are back with another of my wonderful DVD movie reviews. This time I have the Movie Mini's First Time. I must admit this did not come to me by choice but in a random movie package I purchased from ebay about a year back. Finally today I got the chance to sit down and watch the film. I must admit with my girlfriend not caring much for this film it did raise my curiosity.

This movie follows Mini an 18 year old girl living with her mother and the man that her mother tricked into marrying without a prenup. Mini wants freedom and Mini wants excitement and now she wants a little murder!

This movie is pretty well acted with Alec Baldwin taking the lead as he does in most productions that he is involved. The costume design is to the point and works well with the actors accommodating the plot line. I also liked the set design and overall with art this movie is worth while.

The plot infuriates me! I did not like the ending as I don't usually like movies about pretty girls that use their looks and whiles to get what they want and get away with doing the most evil of things. For the most part I didn't like any of the characters involved in this so though I didn't feel too sorry for her mother or for her step father I was still angry that Mini gets away with everything that she does.

In the end this is not the best of movie.

Rating:   5/10

Used:     $2.93    Amazon UK

New:     $5.52    Amazon UK

Sunday, July 13, 2014

DVD Movie Review #137 Blue Jasmine

Hello again and welcome back to another of my high class movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the newest Woody Allen movie called Blue Jasmine. This movie is noted as it won best Actor for Cate Blanchett and was nominated numerous other times.

This movie follows Jasmine who has recently come off of a very nasty situation where her husband had been causing lots of legal issues which took them from riches to rags. She must now stay with her sister and try and find her way back to a stable life or to sanity. Can she get back on her feet or is she doomed to be gone forever.

This movie was beautifully acted as Woody Allen is apt to do on many an occasions. Despite continued marring on his reputation Woody Allen's talent fully shows through with excellent dialogue and the ability to get the best out of the players in this film. The music is excellent as always giving the film a contemporary swing. Woody Allen is a master as utilizing the actors and setting in his film to do the talking for him and the blue ray detail here is always a feast for the eyes.

Well my goodness this movie is very dark. This is not quite as bad as some of the other movies but it is kind of a lower level from his last two which were initially positive. Maybe the negativity is a reflection of his views on life in general. This darkness and pessimism is the only major detractor from this particular film.

Rating: 7/10

This is a Blue Ray that I got from Moviestop

Used:    $14.99

New:     $16.87 Amazon UK

Saturday, July 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #136 The New Three Stooges

Hello again we are back again with another of my wonderfully delightful DVD reviews. This time we are reviewing the series from the 1960s the New Three Stooges. This is the three stooges cartoon that I saw a little of on the Ultimate Stooge Collection and at the same time was able to look at and say this is a must to collect as the original stooges star in it.

This cartoon is a series of 156 short color cartoons staring the three stooges: Moe, Larry and Curley Joe. Yes the voice talent is real. You also have 40 color live action stooge shorts. These are various adventures that are fun to watch and get you well into things as they move about. 

This series has a lot of fun to it. It is amazing to see these individuals perform in color as it is a very rare thing indeed. The cartoons are reasonably funny and are very short so you can watch a few at a time and come and go as you need. The live action shorts are well written in classic stooge fashion. 

You know I never really cared as much for Curly Joe or Shimp as they were both poor substitutes for the original Curly and this shows in the cartoon and live action shorts. The stooges have gotten old and this sadly also shows in their acting as it is slower and not nearly as witty as their past work. The cartoons are cute but keep in mind there are lots of them and you will be watching them for days before you reach the end making this a bit of a journey. 

In the end this is a fairly fun item. 

Rating:   6/10 

This is a wonderful DVD set which is incredibly well put together out of heavy cardboard. This makes things even better to look at and enjoy. 

Used:     $17.90   Amazon Marketplace

New:     $12.85   Amazon UK