Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DVD Movie review #133 Domain of Murder

Well welcome back to my DVD movie reviews. This time I have a new one for you and this one is an anime called Domain of Murder. This series was one that I got when I had a habit of buying up a whole bunch of one or two episode anime series. They are short attempts at a longer series usually with only mild results. This one I decided to watch on my lunch break while I was waiting on Nyaruko Crawling with Love!

This series follows a private eye who was hired by a woman to find her husband. She believes he was not truly behind the murder that the authorities believes him to have committed. This takes on twists and turns and he finds out the truth about the man and must stop events from rolling before the innocent perish.

This is a fairly interesting anime with a good story that keeps the watcher well involved. I thought that it had enough twists to satisfy me. The characters are fairly well written and the voice acting is good.

There isn't much here but the animation is a tad choppy at times leaving you wanting for more. The music is also a tad outdated and therefore not as good as it should have been. With this you are lead to believe that this was written in hopes of creating a full length series but it did fail.

Rating:     6/10

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New:     $6.98

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