Saturday, July 5, 2014

DVD Movie Review #135 Boogieman 3

Hello now we are back again with the next in our many levels of movie reviews. This time I am covering the movie Boogieman 3. This is the last of the Boogieman movies, believe it or not I managed to cover the first two but then realized "oh my there are three of these". When I found it for $1.50 at Movie Stop I had to get hold of this one and I have completed the series finally!

Well we are back again and college blood will once again poor down the halls as a young psych student has to confront her childhood past as a murderer from her youth is found to be going on the rampage in her dorm. Is it really the boogieman or all all the students going insane?

This movie had a slightly clever plot to it that was reminiscent of Nightmare on Elm Street. The effects are not too bad giving it some creepiness and the makeup is realistic. The Music is not special here but it does do the job.

The acting is not very believable here and even the sex in this movie is pretty lame only really teasing what should be action seen in any other horror film. What are the looking for a PG rating? Well if they were they should have thought it through before placing in all the gore like impaling a guy with a broken bong. This movie was also slightly boring and didn't have the intensity of the other two in the series.

Rating:  6/10

Used:     $3.74

New:     $5.49   Ebay

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