Saturday, July 12, 2014

DVD Movie Review #136 The New Three Stooges

Hello again we are back again with another of my wonderfully delightful DVD reviews. This time we are reviewing the series from the 1960s the New Three Stooges. This is the three stooges cartoon that I saw a little of on the Ultimate Stooge Collection and at the same time was able to look at and say this is a must to collect as the original stooges star in it.

This cartoon is a series of 156 short color cartoons staring the three stooges: Moe, Larry and Curley Joe. Yes the voice talent is real. You also have 40 color live action stooge shorts. These are various adventures that are fun to watch and get you well into things as they move about. 

This series has a lot of fun to it. It is amazing to see these individuals perform in color as it is a very rare thing indeed. The cartoons are reasonably funny and are very short so you can watch a few at a time and come and go as you need. The live action shorts are well written in classic stooge fashion. 

You know I never really cared as much for Curly Joe or Shimp as they were both poor substitutes for the original Curly and this shows in the cartoon and live action shorts. The stooges have gotten old and this sadly also shows in their acting as it is slower and not nearly as witty as their past work. The cartoons are cute but keep in mind there are lots of them and you will be watching them for days before you reach the end making this a bit of a journey. 

In the end this is a fairly fun item. 

Rating:   6/10 

This is a wonderful DVD set which is incredibly well put together out of heavy cardboard. This makes things even better to look at and enjoy. 

Used:     $17.90   Amazon Marketplace

New:     $12.85   Amazon UK

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