Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DVD Movie Review #139 Nyaruko Crawling with Love

Hello out there in internet land and welcome to another edition of my Blue Ray DVD reviews. This time I am reviewing the series Nyaruko Crawling with love. I found this series interesting due to its Lovecraft connection. I must admit the price tag was a little up there for my usual purchases but at the same time I have done stranger things.

This series stars an every day high school student that has been chased down by some demons set to auction him off. He is saved by Nyaruko who is straight out of Lovecraft but instead of a slithering beast she is an energetic high school girl who is employed by the local police to protect him. She lets go right away that she is in love with the boy and intends to keep at him until he says yes to her. In her way though is a cast of characters the the void of chaos.

This series has almost a Lum vibe to it with strange alien coming to earth for almost anything but what you would expect of them. The characters are fun for the most part and the action and comedy is fast paced and fun. The music is catchy with a good set of opening and ending songs. This series is a pretty decent harem type anime series.

Well when you have seen one type of this you have seen them all. Nyaruko is actually quite annoying at times and you are right with the guy in wanting to slap her. The stories don't really keep a serious tone and as such there is no real deep involvement or substantial character development. Of course having the only option being Japanese language gets on my nerves to a bit.

Overall this is a fun harem anime yet probably not worth the price tag.

Rating:   7/10

I got the Premium edition from NIS America and they have nice art books and series boxes. If you have the money they are definitely worth checking out.

Used:    None

New:    $47.99    Rightstuf

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