Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DVD Movie Review #148 Amityville 3-D

Hello again and welcome back to another of my fantastic DVD movie reviews. This time we review Amityville 3-D. This film is the 3rd in the 4 movie series. I don't know what it is that got me into this series as I am not particularly interested in the films but yet again collecting the movies is just a compulsion a sick twisted compulsion maybe motivated by the Amityville Ghosts themselves?

Well this time we have a supernatural debunk-er that decided he could buy the old house for a steal. I mean there's no such thing as ghosts right? Well he and his family slowly get dragged into the madness and horror that is the Amityville House. Will anyone survive the horror and madness?

This film isn't too bad I do like Tony Roberts and his acting does not disappoint. The plot itself is fairly well written as I enjoy the stories of the skeptic that is eventually kicked down a notch. For a film in the series I feel it was better than the 2nd one but no where near as good as the first.

Well where to I start? We have bad acting, bad actors, bad makeup, lackluster music and a plot that won't die! I think we can pretty much hit things up at this point. The film is not anything special and it certainly isn't one I would pick for my midnight movie of the week. Scare Factor due to the poor effects is rather low and you would think that the Director of Soylent Green could get better acting out of his cast. In the end this is just another in a long lineup of bad films.

Well I only have the 4th one and Amityville Dollhouse left to see in my collection then out to find

Rating:  6/10

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Monday, August 18, 2014

DVD Movie Review #147 We Were Soldiers

Hello again and we are back with yet another of my spine tingling DVD movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the Mel Gibson Film We Were Soldiers. This film is one that I got in my 200 DVD set ordered from Ebay. I have heard that this was a great film and one of his that should be watched. I had this think Languishing on my shelf for a long time mainly due to the length but now have it officially in the collection.

This film follows our hero Mel Gibson as he trains and then leads a group of rag tag soldiers into the hell of the Vietnam war. Many men die on both sides as the movie chronicles one of the bloodier battles of the war. Will any of his men come home safe?

Well coming home safe or not this rilm is one to show off Mel Gibson's way of film making. It still cast him as the near invincible hero yet at the same time it had a depth that makes the movie well worth seeing. I also like that the movie cuts to the Vietnamese side from time to time to give you a little of their prospective and to feel their own losses. The movie was written so that it does give you a good cry at the end. The acting is very well drawing you in. The makeup is excellent with one point showing how someone got their skin burned off. It was a gross scene but illustrates how well it was done. The Music was also well done giving you the full feel of the film.

The characters were a little larger than life written up as big heroes like Sgt. Rock or Nick Fury which did damage the realism a little bit. Unfortunately Mel Gibson tends to love to portray such characters and this I feel hurt the film a small bit.

This is a great film overall.

Rating:  8/10

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

DVD Movie Review #146 Proof

Hello again and welcome to my next in the series of DVD movie reviews. Today we cover the film Proof in all its amazing magnitude. I got this from an ebay sale of 200 DVDs for $100. I only have a bit more to do on this and I may finally have worked my way through I actually have only 11 to go :).

This movie Follows Catherine who has been living wither her father over the last few years of his life. She's had to give up everything to take care of her father's sanity wondering if she is going out of her mind. After her father's death she must come to terms with her own sanity while she picks up the pieces of what is left of her life.

Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing in this film actually letting me tear up a bit towards the end. I actually got to feel that she is going a little bit insane as the process goes on. She is excellent in the chemistry between her and her straight laced sister played by Hope Davis. Anthony Hopkins also does an excellent job though his acting skills are never out of the question. The music fits well with the plot making you more enthralled with the film and its characters. The Plot itself is very well crafted pulling one in much more than is thought. I have to say that this film should not have sat on my shelf as long as it had.

There are a few holes in the plot and at times they get to the point where they are difficult to navigate such as the relationship between Catherine and her sister. You also want to punch Catherine a few times for how she acts but I feel this adds to the character's power instead of taking it away. In the end this movie has few flaws but they are fair ones.

Rating:  8/10

Used:     $5.00 Ebay

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DVD Movie Review #145 Serial Killing 101

Hello again and welcome back to the next in my series of reviews in misinformation. This time I am covering the great film Serial Killing 101. I have seen this at Walmart a lot of times and when I saw it on the 2 for $3 at Moviestop I had to get hold of it. There is something to this like the movie How to be a Serial Killer (Which is an excellent film).

This story follows a troubled high school student hoping to impress the local goth girl. He decides that he is going to dedicate his life to something meaningful with true purpose (becoming a serial killer). He makes many attempts with the hopes of making the Goth Girl his first victim yet another killer stalks the night and this one actually isn't someone making practice. 

This film has a fairly fun prim-ace to it I really loved the stuff. I was actually even happy with the way that the wrote the characters. The music is a sort of dark goth metal that belongs in these movies. 

Sorry the above is the only thing I liked about this. The Acting is abysmal leaving you wondering if they are actually trying to earn their meager paycheck. The effects are terrible almost giving me a chuckle wen you see the teacher's head flying off his body. The rest of this film is pretty much what you would expect from a Walmart Exclusive. 

Rating:  7/10 

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

DVD Movie Review #144 The Rutles Anthology

I'm Back Again with yet another great DVD review. This time we are working on the Rutles Anthology. I have had the soundtrack for a while now and well this is the thing that was the basis of mockumentaries like CB4 and This is Spinal Tap. When I saw this at Moviestop it was love at first sight. This review covers both the the features All You Need is Cash and Can't Buy Me Lunch.

This group of films covers the history of the history fake band "The Rutles". This goes into their hilarious antics while espousing various subtle hints linked to the original Beatles and their history. This is Narrated by the famous Eric Idle and covers a variety of different stars and musicians. Journey deep into their historic beginnings and chaotic end through these great features.

This is a very well done set of Mockumentaries. The More you know the Beatles the better as the makers of this mainly Eric Idle did a great job of subtlety creating songs that were good on their own (I mean I have the album) and also keep up with the subtlety that this is so well known for. This is also the first of its kind which would surprise many that believe This is Spinal Tap is the first Mockumentary. The acting and appearances by famous people throughout is a nice touch and just show how well connected things are. If you enjoy the mild Monty Python Style Humor with the Mockumentary style then I suggest this.

This can be a little disjointed at times and sadly if you do not know The Beatles it can be a bit boring. The humor is a tad dry but again we are dealing with the British here. Finally I believe the followup done in 2004 really was unnecessary as the feature film covered the rest quite well.

In the end this is great.

This is a nice little Blu Ray DVD Combo

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

DVD Movie Review #143 Black Death

Hello and welcome back to the next in my lineup of spectacular movie reviews. This is one is a long time coming for the movie Black Death. This is a movie starting Sean Bean and the combination of Mid-evil and supernatural thriller is something that I really wanted to try.

This movie takes place during the darkest part of the Middle Ages with the Black Plague. The church reigns and people are dying all over the place. It is found by the church that a village has managed to survive the plague and that people are even rumored to be brought back from the dead. Together with group of holy knights and a monk looking for love they journey to do battle with the forces of evil but will they survive the town's horrors only to die of the plague?

Well yeah this is a nice dark Middle Ages movie. The acting is pretty good for what I am experiencing in this. The plot is very dark and twisted with an ending the leaves you very sad and yet happy that you don't live during this time. The costume design and makeup are excellent making it quite believable for that time period. I also love the witch she is well acted Kimberly Nixon does an excellent job. The music is not especially wonderful but then again it is what it is.

In the end this is what it is and that is a horror film set in the Middle Ages. This comes complete with mediocre written plot lines and characters. If you are expecting depth then don't come here. Otherwise the plot can move slowly at times so be ready for a yawn now and again.

Rating:   6/10

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Friday, August 1, 2014

DVD Movie Review #142 Sadako 3D

Hello yet again we are back to yet another DVD movie review. This time we are covering the Japanese horror film Sadako. I noticed when I purchased this Movie from Wetmovie1 during one of his dvd liquidations sales. This movie caught my eye for the price and the fact that I have the rest of the Ringu series in my collection.

This is a movie that follows a teacher and her students. The students are looking at the web stuff that is all the rage a video clip that has you kill yourself after you watch it...I am really at a disconnect with the youth of today. Any case the teacher has a little bit of a secret of her own. Will they save her students in time before they all end up casualties of the next teen fad?

Well the first thing is you know this is a 3D film and I bet if I watched this on a 3D TV it would be good stuff was you know exactly where and often how they are doing things. The acting is good enough when it comes to a horror movie. Usually Japanese acting really looks campy on screen and this does not so I am feeling better about this part.

For the time this was done in I really feel that the effects could have been waaay better. I feel like they utilized sloppy CG on this to the point where even the shattering glass looks fake. The story though a cool concept sucks pretty much in all other angles. I am not very impressed by this addition to the Ringu Series with the american Ring two being a better film.

This is the Blu-Ray 3D/2D

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