Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DVD Movie Review #145 Serial Killing 101

Hello again and welcome back to the next in my series of reviews in misinformation. This time I am covering the great film Serial Killing 101. I have seen this at Walmart a lot of times and when I saw it on the 2 for $3 at Moviestop I had to get hold of it. There is something to this like the movie How to be a Serial Killer (Which is an excellent film).

This story follows a troubled high school student hoping to impress the local goth girl. He decides that he is going to dedicate his life to something meaningful with true purpose (becoming a serial killer). He makes many attempts with the hopes of making the Goth Girl his first victim yet another killer stalks the night and this one actually isn't someone making practice. 

This film has a fairly fun prim-ace to it I really loved the stuff. I was actually even happy with the way that the wrote the characters. The music is a sort of dark goth metal that belongs in these movies. 

Sorry the above is the only thing I liked about this. The Acting is abysmal leaving you wondering if they are actually trying to earn their meager paycheck. The effects are terrible almost giving me a chuckle wen you see the teacher's head flying off his body. The rest of this film is pretty much what you would expect from a Walmart Exclusive. 

Rating:  7/10 

Used:     $3.88

New:     $5.89    Amazon Marketplace

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