Friday, August 1, 2014

DVD Movie Review #142 Sadako 3D

Hello yet again we are back to yet another DVD movie review. This time we are covering the Japanese horror film Sadako. I noticed when I purchased this Movie from Wetmovie1 during one of his dvd liquidations sales. This movie caught my eye for the price and the fact that I have the rest of the Ringu series in my collection.

This is a movie that follows a teacher and her students. The students are looking at the web stuff that is all the rage a video clip that has you kill yourself after you watch it...I am really at a disconnect with the youth of today. Any case the teacher has a little bit of a secret of her own. Will they save her students in time before they all end up casualties of the next teen fad?

Well the first thing is you know this is a 3D film and I bet if I watched this on a 3D TV it would be good stuff was you know exactly where and often how they are doing things. The acting is good enough when it comes to a horror movie. Usually Japanese acting really looks campy on screen and this does not so I am feeling better about this part.

For the time this was done in I really feel that the effects could have been waaay better. I feel like they utilized sloppy CG on this to the point where even the shattering glass looks fake. The story though a cool concept sucks pretty much in all other angles. I am not very impressed by this addition to the Ringu Series with the american Ring two being a better film.

This is the Blu-Ray 3D/2D

Used:     $8.70   amazon marketplace

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