Sunday, December 29, 2013

DVD Movie Review #39 The Gingerdead Man 2 Passion of the Crust

We are back again with yet another wonderful review of movie masterpiece. This time we are reviewing the second Gingerdead man movie. After seeing Evil Bong I have been interested in this cheap series for a long time. I am eagerly looking forward to the release of Evil Bong vs. the Gingerdead man in theaters now. This was an impulse online purchase so I don't fully remember much other than my girlfriend doesn't care much for these type of movies so I have to find time when she isn't here or asleep to watch them.

This time we are on a horror movie set apparently producing bad Ed wood style pictures for over 75 years. We follow the antics of a failed movie producer a make a wish girl and her special wish man child as they tour the studio and deal with a newly baked gingerdead man trying to find a new body and all the time leaving a bloody trail of bodies behind them.

This movie follows in the bad horror genre tradition of the previous movie and others such as Child's play or demonic toys. The dialogue is funny and the setup is interesting. The plot is entertaining with a pretty nice ending. The special effects are awful all the way around though the adapted gingerdead man music.

Did I mention the horrible effects and music? This movie pretty much screams low budget! The acting is terrible and I must admit it takes a special kind of person to delight in these types of movies. Everything about this movie is just bad bad filmmaking.

To the bad movie expert this is a great spoof of the genre and to the rest this is simply a bad movie.

Rating: 6/10

The version I have of this is the two movie release it is a great buy here we go.

New:    $7.22
Used:    $8.96

Saturday, December 28, 2013

DVD Movie Review #38 Futurama Volume 7

Hello and yet again we are back for another review. This time we are talking about one of the more recent releases of Futurama. Volume 8 is upon us so I have to do some catching up with Volume 7. This one was bought on a whim not long after it came out when I saw it new for under $20. I collect the series so it would have appeared eventually :)

This time we continue to keep up with Fry and Leela's relationship as well as other items such as exploring more background with Leela's parents, Butterfly wrestling and an odd nature episode. The series continues to follow along the track it has been on since its re-airing.

Lots of fun to be had here. We can enjoy the jokes that have made us laugh for so long and at the cynical reflection of humanity that this series has shown us. The animation and voice acting is well done as usual with voice acting being the beacon here. The colors are very nice for the DVD release and I don't see the point in shelling out for the Blueray like I accidentally did for volume 5.

The biggest disappointment is there is nothing really that new here. I like that Fry and Leela are pretty stable in their relationship but otherwise there isn't a lot of plot and much like the Simpsons I have to wonder if there can be too much of a good thing?

In the end we have much of the same yet still a solid series.

Rating:  6/10

The version I got was the regular DVD version. The flimsy paper casing scratches the discs bends easily and many times the discs just fall out. I am taking a point for this.

New:     $8.93   Walmart
Used:     $13.75

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DVD Movie review #46 A Christmas Story 2

Hello, I am doing something unusual. If you are paying attention to the numbers you will note that I have done many reviews that are not posted yet. I am putting this ahead due to the season. I loved the original of this to my shame not having seen it all the way through until around 5 years ago. I saw this and said "$20 no I won't do that". Then I saw it for around $9 shrugged my shoulders and said "ok".

This one takes place a number of years after the original and we are back in the house again. This time Ralphie is just about to turn 16 and what he wants is to obtain the biggest present a boy of 16 could ever get "a car". Unfortunately his father is a cheapskate and Ralphie gets into various toubles of his own. Will he get his car and the girl? Watch and find out.

I am happy to see our beloved narrator return. I am also glad that Marv from Home Alone fame has come in as the father. This has some fairly good laughs in the spirit of the original. The effects work well for the film and the costume design is appropriate for the time that this is taking place. We have some familiar things that we can work with and enjoy as one would say "savor the moment".

This thing had "made for TV" all over it. This also doesn't have quite the feel of the original. I also feel like they were milking the gags in this film. It almost feels that they are trying hard to make fun of the time period and the original. The acting is ok for some and terrible for others. I was not terribly pleased with this one but at the same time this is an ok film for what you are looking for just don't look for the original in this.

This is a nice salute to the original but no where near the quality necessary.

Rating:  5/10

The version of this that I have is the dvd version. I was not forking out for the blue ray and I know now that it isn't worth the blue ray treatment

Used:     $6.99     Alibris
New:     $12.54   Ebay

DVD Movie Review #35 The Lorax

Hello again I am back for another shot at the DVD review. I have been interested in buying this since I saw it in theaters. This was a good film but not so good that I wanted the Blu ray for anything over $10. Finally on a black friday sale I found my copy.

This is a tale of a teenage boy growing up in a fake city. Things are cool in the city and everyone breaks out into song just to pass the time especially when they purchase fresh air. The kid decides that he wants to impress a hippie girl and thus goes out into the wasteland to find evidence of these so called "trees" that used to be in the world.

This is beautifully animated actually smoother than the other movies by this group such as Despicable me. The songs are fairly catchy and they adapted the story and characters well to the voice actors. I have to say Danny Divito and Betty White were perfect in their roles and made this a must see. I am pretty happy with it overall.

Well this is a tad off. The songs are passable but I feel that they could have been written better and I kind of feel that the story takes a bit away from the original purpose yet feels a tad more preachy than the original materials.

In the end this is a fairly good movie yet not worth a lot of money to invest. If you are a pollution denier then this is probably not the material for you.

Rating: 7/10

The version I have is the DVD Blu Ray combo picked up used.

New:     $10.99
Used:     $6.60

Sunday, December 22, 2013

DVD Movie Review #34 The Lorax 1970s version

Greetings all! I have another DVD review for you. This time I am going over the original Lorax cartoon done in the 1970s . I finally got my price for the new Lorax movie and my OCD has me collect the original cartoon much like Horton hears a who. So now we see the cheap Lorax found for $5 at Walmart.

The Lorax is a Tale by Dr. Seuss that centers on a young entrepreneur seeking to make a life for himself in the wilderness. Unfortunately he doesn't Listen to the rather impotent guardian of the forest and squanders his resources. The result is a nice environmental and economic lesson.

This is a nice ride back to my childhood My mother read the Dr. Seuss books to me a lot when I was little and I loved them. I really think that the message is a solid one that we can take to this day. I am enlightened to know that the animation quality holds up and it is a true adaptation to the book.

Now this material is performed in a dated way I mean when they start the first song you can tell when this was written. I kind of cringed when I first heard it but adapted quickly. Otherwise I don't see as much in down sides.

In the end this is a spirited evaluation of the story and I am quite happy with it when you compare it to more recent adaptations.

Though Dated this is well worth a watch.   Rating 8/10

The version I got of this is a fairly cheap dvd that you can purchase in the $5 Walmart bin.

New:     $5.49     Amazon Marketplace
Used:     $4.35    Ebay

Saturday, December 21, 2013

DVD Movie Review #33 Door in the Floor

Back yet again for another DVD review, this week we have Door in the Floor. I purchased a big bulk order of random DVDs at the rate of 200 for $100 and this is among those. I don't know if I would have gotten this otherwise but here goes.

This stars a famous lecherous children story writer who is trying to get through troubles he is having with his wife. He hires an assistant who precedes to have relations with his wife throughout the series. Throughout there is plenty of anxiety and torment leading to a fairly down ending.

I really felt that Jeff Bridges does an excellent job in these roles and the other characters are also very well acted. The Makeup and and music are very well done and you can tell that this is a fairly high quality film. I do feel that the story was well written with deep characters.

I don't feel this story it had a very hard time drawing me in with the cast of characters are not very easy to like with them all being very heavily flawed. When I can't latch onto the characters I have a hard time latching onto the story. I would get bored at times and my mind would wander off. In the end I don't really care for this one overall.

In the end this has good art but has a problems with the characters. If you like Jeff Bridges though this could still be a good film for you.

Rating:  5/10

The version I have of this is the regular DVD.

Used:     $3.74
New:      $5.74

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DVD Movie Review #32 Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

Hello again I look forward to bringing you yet another DVD movie review. This movie was bought as I love this particular series I of course saw it advertised on and had to check it out.

Tiger is a super hero in a world where super heroes garner public support with corporate sponsorship. Tiger is of course not really feeling the groove as he is more interested in saving others than posing for the camera. Sadly he tends to act before he thinks and ends up in trouble. After a public merger of companies Tiger is acquired by a new company and must partner with a new hero named Barnaby (a.k.a. Bunny). Unfortunately they don't get along but must learn to work together in order to stop statue monsters and teleporting thieves.

This is a fun series as I really enjoy the TV show. This is a recap movie and I guess it is an easier way to check out the series. The characters are fun and the story is very entertaining. The music is pretty much equal to the series.

Well first this isn't a complete recap so you will have to make due with the story being unfinished. I also am having trouble with the series animation. I feel that the computer animation was overused this time making it difficult to establish vocal timing and the figures are more awkward in their movements at times. I personally feel that the quality has dropped overall.

In the end I would recommend buying the Anime TV series instead of this but if you are a completion nut and want a good summary of the series this can be for you.

Rating:      6/10

The version I got was the Blue-Ray version. I don't feel that it is necessary though.

Used:     $11.49     Amazon Marketplace
New:     $12.49

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DVD Movie Review #31 Tiger & Bunny Part 2

Hello yet again we are back with another DVD review. This time we are reviewing part 2 of Tiger & Bunny. This was a pretty necessary buy as I really enjoyed part one and wanted to complete the 25 show series. This particular set contains episodes 14-25.

This half takes up right after the events that completed in the first half. This is a new story line that reopens the questions about Bunny's past that were thought closed at the end of the first half. This series is a super hero series. Unlike other series these heroes have corporate sponsors and have to make various TV appearances in order to keep their jobs and fight for justice.

I really enjoyed this half of the series. The computer animation is very smooth and the characters are fun to watch. I felt that the story in this half was very well done and continues to draw in the attention with me drawn to keep watching episode after episode until it was done. (I don't know how people just watched one a week) The humor and action are balanced where you will be chuckling at times yet still on the edge of your seat.

I admit there are a few low points in the series as I really don't care much for the meshing of computer animated and hand drawn animation. I am also not really happy with the red lines used to draw the characters at times as it draws the eyes to it and interrupts the experience. I also admit I am not very well drawn to the character designs of Tiger and Bunny's costumes which is part of the reason it took so long to watch this series and get into it.

In the end though this series positives way outdo the negatives. If you like super heroes and comedy you will enjoy this series even if you aren't an anime fan.

Rating:  8/10

My copy is the blue ray version of the series and with a brief explanation you can watch part two or part one separately though there is a need for it to get the full effect.

Used:    $36.57    Amazon Marketplace
New:     $27.99

Saturday, December 14, 2013

DVD Movie Review #30 the World's End

Hello yet again and I am watching and writing. Maybe I should stop watching or writing and go outside for a bit. I bought this as I am a big fan of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead and had to get this not long after it came out. I couldn't wait to see this and of course I'm sure there is even more interest for you.

Twenty years after they had their attempt at the epic pub crawl called the "golden mile" our hero played by Simon Pegg decides to get the band back together to relive his former glory. Unfortunately the old town isn't quite the way that they remembered it to be. Simon must conquer old problems with his friends as well as the strange events that had infested his home town. Will they survive till the end? You'll have to watch to find out.

I really enjoy these films! The chemistry between actors is amazing and I can't help but watch and enjoy. The makeup was good and believable as well as the costumes. The Music was enjoyable and fit the mood and the story was pretty enjoyable. What can one do when confronted with the stuff that they love?

To answer it is simple they compare it to the other films of course! Comparatively this is disappointing when I compare it to hot fuzz though I must admit it is a hard comparison to make. I would say that this is much more even in level with Shaun of the Dead. This is not a bad movie yet I don't feel that the story was as original as the last one in the set. I mean "This is the End" also just came out after all.

With things left to be considered I would still recommend this film as it is a fine addition to the series.

Rating:  7/10

The addition I got was the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD which is fairly expensive but I had to have it and I must say it looks good.

Used:     $12.99
New:     $17.50     ebay