Sunday, December 1, 2013

DVD Movie Review #21 Crucible of Terror

Hello, yet again I am here doing a review on a recently watched DVD. This one is called Crucible of Terror. Every year I work with my Gaming group to come up with the gamer awards. These are titles won as well as small inexpensive prizes that people can be proud of each year. In this I got two $1 DVDs. I like horror including bad horror.

This tale takes place in England where an artist develops a controversial piece. His son decided to take this item and sell it. The art dealer with pound signs in his eyes decides to go seek out the artist in his creepy little house in the countryside. They decide to make a fun time of it each taking their significant others along. Unfortunately things take a rather nasty turn as people start showing up dead.

The acting in this isn't too terrible with the eccentric artist easily coming off as a rather crazy dude. The rest of the cast is done well but nothing special. The story is well thought out with a rather interesting (though slightly stupid) twist at the end. It is something that can if you feel the need and have the energy you can really give this a go.

The bad side is that the story can be a tad boring having one of those 60/70s plots that tends to take near forever to work out and can drag terribly. The twist is a bit odd and though it is one you don't see coming you can defiantly have a hard time believing it. The music is also not exactly wonderful but as far as the period goes its not abysmal.

In the end this is one of many but for the price it isn't that bad.
Rating:  6/10

The version I have of this is a think case copy. The quality isn't that good but the price is pretty nice.

Used:     $3.74
New:     $1.00

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