Monday, December 2, 2013

DVD Movie Review#25 South Beach Academy

Hello again this is another great review for your movie pleasure. This is the movie that came with my "Rock and Roll High School Forever" movie. I am not a big Corey Feldman fan but I got saddled with this lovely little piece so I figured "might as well watch it this film can't be too bad". Of course I have regretted that statement more often than not.

This film takes place at a nice little beach camp type thing in Miami called South Beach Academy where lovely ladies run around wearing skimpy bikini's or nothing at all posing for the camera at every angle. Well one of the instructors at the camp  has to try and cover for his gambling addicted uncle (played by grandpa munster) eventually having to team up with his loser brother (played by Corey Feldman) and some hot eye candy to save this haven for beach bimbos everywhere. 

This film did have some good points. I admit I didn't recognize Corey this time around until a little later which does show he has a little bit of range in acting. The movie also does very well what it is meant to do which is to provide a lot of nice eye candy for the obviously male audience. I mean if you are straight then you will enjoy this film's purpose as it is fulfilled to a T. 

The worst of this film is probably everything else. The acting is pretty bad to the point where it may be considered lame. The music is standard fare for this type of film with an obvious issue. This plot is pretty simple and is not worth writing home about. Actually as I watched this film I ended up thinking that the creators thought "we want to see a lot of boobies!" and then wrote this screenplay to make sure that other people would think "this is a film" instead of "boobies!".

In the end I would say this is not a particularly bad film but definitely not something to write home about.  

Rating:    5/10 

The edition I have for this is the same one I have for my previous entry "Rock and Roll High School Forever". I am including the same date from that one. 

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