Saturday, December 7, 2013

DVD Movie Review #27 The Guild Season 6

We are back again with another DVD movie review. This time we are covering the 6th and last season of "The Guild". I have loved this series since I started watching it online a long time ago and never got to watch season 6 until I came upon it at a Barnes and Nobles for under $10. I of course couldn't resist the urge to complete the series and here we are again.

This series follows a group of online video gaming nerds of various types and their various adventures. This time the main character "Codex" has landed a job at the video game company responsible for her favorite multi-player rpg but to her distress it is not the job that it looked to be. Also on top of that her group decides to crash her work place adding to the chaos. We have multiple character plots going on in the background trying to tie up the various loose ends of the series.

I really enjoy this series as I can relate on a level. I never really got into the video game muli-player ones but did do a lot of table top gaming and some of the personalities are very familiar. They are well played for a low budget series and you get to see a little more money was involved this time round. The music is simple but appropriate and the makeup and effects are good for what is involved.

I am not as impressed by this series and have to wander when they knew this would be the last one. This series was always fun to watch but I had felt that the actors were going more through the motions this time than in previous seasons injecting chaos (such as vork's gamer protest) where it isn't really needed. Many of the plot lines were kind of lightly wrapped up without much in the way of further explanation.

There is part of me that is saddened by the end but after this and season 5 I am glad that they made their final attempt.

Rating:  6/10

There is only one known version of this individually packaged series unless you pick up the whole thing.

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