Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DVD Movie Review #31 Tiger & Bunny Part 2

Hello yet again we are back with another DVD review. This time we are reviewing part 2 of Tiger & Bunny. This was a pretty necessary buy as I really enjoyed part one and wanted to complete the 25 show series. This particular set contains episodes 14-25.

This half takes up right after the events that completed in the first half. This is a new story line that reopens the questions about Bunny's past that were thought closed at the end of the first half. This series is a super hero series. Unlike other series these heroes have corporate sponsors and have to make various TV appearances in order to keep their jobs and fight for justice.

I really enjoyed this half of the series. The computer animation is very smooth and the characters are fun to watch. I felt that the story in this half was very well done and continues to draw in the attention with me drawn to keep watching episode after episode until it was done. (I don't know how people just watched one a week) The humor and action are balanced where you will be chuckling at times yet still on the edge of your seat.

I admit there are a few low points in the series as I really don't care much for the meshing of computer animated and hand drawn animation. I am also not really happy with the red lines used to draw the characters at times as it draws the eyes to it and interrupts the experience. I also admit I am not very well drawn to the character designs of Tiger and Bunny's costumes which is part of the reason it took so long to watch this series and get into it.

In the end though this series positives way outdo the negatives. If you like super heroes and comedy you will enjoy this series even if you aren't an anime fan.

Rating:  8/10

My copy is the blue ray version of the series and with a brief explanation you can watch part two or part one separately though there is a need for it to get the full effect.

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