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DVD Movie Review #127 The Fear

Hello again horror viewers I am back again to bring you another cheap piece of horror insanity for our wonderful and inspiring reviews. This time we review a film I picked up at Random from Movie Stop Called The Fear. It is kind of cool as I recently found a horror anthology collection I got a while back had the sequel to this and now as a completionist I am glad to have the original material.

This story follows a therapy college student doing his fellows a favor for his Thesis and giving them free fear therapy in a nice isolated cabin in the woods near an extremely creepy Santa's workshop. Our therapist to be is also having to face his own demons as his mother was killed there. They discover a wooden doll named Morty and decide to confide their fears to him. Little do they know, Morty will be delivering their fears right back at them with killer consequences.

This movie is not too badly done when it comes to special effects. The wooden doll is pretty creepy and so is the setting (especially the crazy Santa's Village). I think that the plot was not very badly written with some clever yet predictable twists at the end. The acting was ok for what you are getting but then again we shouldn't expect much. In the end this is not terrible for a horror film overall.

This was pretty boring at times with the long setup before anything actually happens. The music is pretty campy but what do you expect right? Finally the film quality is pretty gritty and actually worse than the last movie I reviewed "Slacker" yet this is not likely on purpose.

In the end yet another ok horror movie.

Rating:  6/10

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Friday, May 30, 2014

DVD Movie Review #126 Slacker

Hello Welcome again to another of my mighty DVD reviews. This time I am reviewing a Criterion film I had purchased from Wetmovie1 when he was selling on Amazon (I hope you take a look at his you tube site and follow him). This movie was one I was curious about as I have seen the directors other works such as Before Sunrise.

This movie follows a everyday life of those living in the less traveled section of Austin Texas. This takes a less organized look at different people and their daily lives. It is hard to tell at times weather things are scripted or real as we travel the different streets and neighborhoods of the laid back Texas city.

Well this is actually very real for me as this really does feel like a documentary type piece. Its work on making this a real experience is a very deep and this gritty indie feel makes you understand what a piece of art this really is.

That being said this is a pretty boring pic. It keeps your interest at times moves away and you fall asleep as it continues on and on making you wonder at times when this film will end. When you have a film that feels longer than it actually is this is usually a bad sign.

In the end this is for you art lovers out there wherever you are

Rating:  6/10

Do Keep in Mind this is a criterion edition

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DVD Movie Review #125 Downton Abbey Season 4

Here I am again with the next in a long series of fun characteristic sets of reviews. This time I have Downton Abbey Season 4. I like watching this series and want it available as soon as I can get it. My girlfriend is worse having to watch it as it airs overseas. Well I have been into it sense its release of season 2 and continue to be very into it as it continues on its winding path.

This season has us taking up right after the death of a major character in the end of season 3 and the family is not certain how to react or what to do. Of course life goes on and the need to save the estates from falling into bankruptcy and to keep up the continued problems coming in from different relationships starting and ending with the people both above and below.

The series is beautiful to look at. It is a Blu Ray series in all manor of things with the colors being brilliant almost as if you are at the estate taking tea yourself. The acting is superb and makes you fall fully in with the characters and being drawn into the intricate plot lines that the authors are weaving before your very eyes. The music is greatly done and suits the occasion.

The plot is overbearing sometimes and you feel quite a bit of melancholy as the series goes on. Some of the plot lines are re-used and may start to get stale should this continue. In the end this is probably the weakest season to date.

Overall this continues to be a very good series well worth watching.

Raging:  7/10

This is the PBS blue ray release dubbed the Original UK Edition

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SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 5/23/14

Hello Again and welcome back to a new update. We will start with a bit of a random pick from Barnes and Noble where I took shelter from the Rain and obtained a Father's day present (the original Nutty Professor). I don't know where this one will go from here so lets see where this takes me...
 The Prince of Egypt 5/15/14: I am glad to finally get this Oscar winner out of my way. This one gained the Best original song and is known to have a very good score. I am very much looking forward to it and getting this one without having to buy Joseph: King of Dreams is a bargain for me.
The Towering Inferno 5/15/14:  Who doesn't like to look at a burning building? This has been on my list for a while but it was very expensive and to see this for $10 on Blu ray is an excellent deal for me. It has been on my list and I expect it to play much like its twin The Poseiden Adventure. There is something exciting about a Disaster Movie now and again it is a good bargain to have a good time with it once in a while especially when it is Academy Award Calibur.
Fairy Tail Part 10 5/19/14: I am enjoying this series vastly which is odd as I detest the series One piece which as a very similar style to it. I love to collect this as it comes out and must admit as I don't like watching it on my computer or reading the manga I am usually on pens and needles for this to come out each time. I will probably be writing a review for this set soon.
Haganai Next 5/19/14: This is another order. I really liked this series when I watched it in the Japanese as it came out. I am pretty psyched at this release of the second season. As usual Funimation does a a pretty sturdy box release for their limited edition stuff. I am still debating if it is worth the price hike but collectors editions do seem to gain in value with them.
The Irresponsible Captain Taylor OVA Collection 5/23/14: I must admit that I did not mean to buy this but it was calling to me from Movie Stop. I have heard about this series for a long time and jumped at getting the ova for a good price. This is the old Rightstuf release so I am going to at least have a good collector. I found that this is a sequel so I have the original on order.
Ghoulies/Ghoulies II Double Feature 5/23/14: This is a series I've been meaning to see and at the price I couldn't resist it. I am really not fond of Movie Stop for taking me and my money away :). I am actually going to watch the original today yay!
Mutiny on the Bounty 5/23/14: This was another of the $4 Moviestop buy three get one offerings. It is amazing what I can find for only a little money at times. This one is necessary as it is an oscar winner so it will be in my collection like it or not.
Repulsion 5/23/14: I know that Roman Planski is a child rapist but at the same time he made some really good films in his time. When I saw a used version of the blu ray criterion for $5 at Movie stop for the buy 3 get one this had to be my next buy.
The Starving Games 5/24/14: Ok I am not really one to have expected this one so I am adding this to this event. My mother bought this at wal-mart thinking it would be good she found out that it wasn't and decided to give it to me as I don't turn away DVDs. This is a very bad film but at the same time it could be worse it could be another copy of disaster movie .
Well so long until next time movie viewers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DVD Movie Review #124 Hellraiser Hellworld

Well back for another DVD movie review. This time I have skipped ahead to one of the later movies in the Hellraiser series "Hellworld" This is the 8th in a 9 film series if you count the remake. My girlfriend has said she didn't care for 5-7 so I was looking for a horror that would be suitable and she had stated that this was a good one. I am glad to make headway into this series and it may be a point of concentration int he future for solo viewing.

This movie takes place at an unknown point in the series with a bunch of college kids getting an invite for completing a Hellraiser based online role playing game. They are grieving the loss of their friend who died getting too much into the game and one of them wants nothing to do with it. When they arrive they are presented with a house of horrors they never thought possible.

I have not been the biggest fan of the Hellraiser series. I can think out of all the horror movie killers I would like being stalked by these the least as it tends to do a lot of torture and nastiness. This movie pleasantly keeps this to a minimum with at times uncharacteristic deaths and happenings. The haunted house is a great setting and the final plot twist does a lot in explaining the strange departures from the series. I personally considered this a pleasant twist on the series. The music was well suited hard rock for any of this type and the makeup was believable. This was a good movie in the series

The acting is abysmal...period. That is the biggest drawback to this movie that I see. I must admit this is not terrible bad point if you are considering the source material. I mean really, who expects good acting from the 8th feature film in a horror franchise? Otherwise I don't feel there were any major down points in this film.

A good film in the series and well worth viewing.

Rating:   7/10

This was a cheap compilation series disc

Used:    $4.32

New:     $6.98

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DVD Movie Review #123 Prom Night

Hello again and we are back with another DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing the movie "Prom Night" which came to me as a gift from a friend that came on a $5 walmart movie set and didn't want it. I was told that this is a classic Jamie Lee Curtis horror and that I needed to see it so I went for it right away. I must say I fell asleep at the end and had to re-watch that part but I did make it for the rest.

This movie takes place after a group of kids played in an abandoned building and pushed their friend out of the 2nd story window killing her. They make a pact not to ever tell what really happened. Unfortunately for them on the eve of their prom they are being tracked down and killed it looks like someone is back and wanting vengeance. 

This movie is trying to be pretty plot heavy working hard on trying to develop characters for most of it and this is something I have to give it credit for. The killer is pretty much the same as many others but I do feel this one does have a little bit of class as he looks relatively scary. I also find the weird disco prom setting suitably creepy. 

This movie really doesn't have much to suspense to it overall. I mean most of the movie is gone before we get to the killer and in its place is long drawn out attempts at making us feel for the characters are wasted and you feel yourself wanting to sleep instead of paying attention to the film. Once the killer is introduced the plot feels hurried as if they are saying "we are running out of time lets fit it all in" but by then you've kind of lost interest. The odd dark disco theme is creepy but really outdated. The acting is sad and kind of hopeless but good acting isn't expected. Does it bother you that most of the "kids" in this look well into their 30s? The music was also sadly dated with terrible sound quality. I've seem asylum produce better quality horror. 

This is supposedly a classic but I don't really see it. If I want Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween is the better choice. 

This is the Midnight Horror Collection 8 Movie pack from Wal-Mart as explained above. 

Used:     $3.74

New:    $3.98

Mental Health Blog

We in Virginia have had a lot of discussion in relation to Mental Health with shootings and terrible stories that are linked to either poor coverage by Mental Health organizations or people dropping the ball. I want to in this blog explain a little about the system as it works in the private sectors. I will also explain in my opinion how things could improve in the overall mental health sector. I want you to know that this is how I see things as my opinion may not be appropriate.

Mental Health Therapy:

This is the area I know the least about as I have only had limited experience in this field. In the public sector this is typically controlled by the insurance companies. Long term therapy isn't really considered Viable due to the payment standards set. Each therapy set is divided into a certain number of sessions usually around 12-13. If additional sessions are required new authorization is needed and this can be a difficult endeavor. In the public sector there are several types of therapy that are quite effective on the short term including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is very effective in most cases yet not for everyone. If longer term therapy is needed or the original Therapy didn't take then they can reapply in a few weeks and the system is repeated. This does work in its own way with the resources available. I is not always preferable but as the public system will allow you to have brief therapy for little to no money this is a great deal.

Mental Health Crisis:

The next are of business is Mental Health Crisis. This is one of the areas that has been in the spotlight regularly when people say “why don’t we just lock them up”. When someone is having a mental health crisis they can start to receive treatment by calling their local crisis line. The individual on the other end is supposed to not only be able to provide brief levels of crisis counseling but also give recommendations and treatment options for the individual to help them again once they get back out into the community.

If a Person comes in seeking voluntary hospitalization they can either do so by going directly to the hospital ER where they are required to find a bed if the individual reports being in need of hospitalization or they can come to the local crisis office for assistance in finding a bed. 90% of the time if you are seeking voluntary hospitalization through a local ER they will find a bed for you just keep in mind no state funding is usually utilized on hospitalizations that are voluntary so you may end up with a very large bill in the end.

One case where a person will have the local Community pay for their treatment is the Crisis Stabilization Unit. If you have one of these in your community (we have one here in Richmond ) then going voluntary through the local Community Services Board Crisis team can be beneficial. If a bed is available, the Consumer has around 1-2 weeks of medications on hand and the individual is not an immediate threat to themselves or others this can be an option. The Crisis Stabilization unit provides a similar level of treatment to that provided in the hospital setting with a psychiatrist readily available to change medications. The Crisis stabilization is more active in their treatment through groups and therapy which makes for a more effective environment for those that want to work hard to improve their symptoms. The Crisis Stabilization Unit is not a locked facility so like any Voluntary Admission the Consumer can leave when they wish to do so.

The above examples are of things that happen on circumstances that usually have resolution and are not typically in the public eye. The type of Crisis many wish to learn about is the type that tends to start in an ECO and end in a TDO.

First an ECO (Emergency Custody Order) is the legal means to getting a Consumer evaluated for hospitalization against their will. There are two ways that an ECO is administered. The Paper ECO is done when a family member or member of the community approaches the Magistrate with their issues explaining why the Consumer requires a Mental Health Evaluation. If the Magistrate agrees then the individual is brought in or detained at home to be evaluated by a Certified Pre-Screener for hospitalization. A Paperless ECO occurs when law enforcement is called due to a disturbance involving Mental Health and they take the individual into custody so that they can be evaluated for potential hospitalization. This type is usually initiated from a 911 call. Once the individual is in law enforcement custody the Consumer can be held up to 4 hours (with an optional 2 hour extension) while the Consumer is evaluated and a bed is found.  

A TDO (Temporary Detention Order) is a legal means of hospitalizing an individual against their will. This process requires the consensus between a Pre-Screener and the Magistrate to execute. To qualify for the TDO the Pre-Screener has to determine if an Consumer is a harm to themselves, a harm to others or unable to care for themselves. After this is determined a hospital bed must be found that is willing to take the individual and after that point the person is taken in up to 72 hours. On the next available instance the Consumer is brought before a Judge where it is determined if the Consumer requires continued treatment or is allowed to stay or go voluntarily.

Crisis Triage Center (CTC): This is something fairly new to the state. This is a center that responds to calls for the county or counties it is set up for. This is a central area where law enforcement by bring individuals in on an ECO and leave them with a paid CTC officer and not be tied up for the time it takes to evaluate and find a bed. These units are designed largely to allow for law enforcement to be free to do more work within the community while not being tied up keeping watch on an ECO.

On the expense of the TDO: The Consumer is still left with any charges made by the ER even if they were taken to an ER against their will for a medical evaluation. Today most hospitals require Medical clearance (meaning that the Consumer is healthy) before they will be willing to take the person into their custody. This can end with a sizable bill even if all the rest is paid for. The state chips in for the duration of the TDO itself but it is the local Community Services Board that pays for the hospitalization if the judge decides that continued care is needed and this is called Grant Funding.

I will briefly talk about the decision making process shown to end in a TDO as this tends to be the biggest thing that comes up in the support group I run.

Threat to Self: This is pretty self explanatory, the person is threatening to harm themselves significantly due to irrationality. In these cases it is evaluated if the individual is suicidal so the Pre-Screener has to tease out through information given by family, friends and the individual if the Consumer plans to do harm in the near future. If an individual comes in after a suicide attempt it is highly likely that a TDO will be issued. This situation tends to be the hardest to tease out in cases where a suicide attempt has not been made but the Consumer had made a threat heard only by family. Many will avidly deny it and each Pre-Screener works differently on building their case with some leaning to a greater or lesser degree towards hospitalization.

Threat to Others: This is also pretty self explanatory, the person is threatening to assault or has already assaulted another individual. Usually the threat comes from an attempt to kills someone and the means are teased out to do it. In many cases it becomes one person’s word against another in this situation. There are also situations where one has to determine if the assault was the result of mental illness or if it was an actual assault where the police are required.

Failure to Care for Self: This is the one that tends to get the least amount of coverage in the medial. If you are unable to care for your ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) which are to do things such as make a simple meal, bath, dress, bathroom or even eat then this comes into play. This issue takes on a new meaning if you have a caregiver involved. For instance if you have someone that cannot bath themselves or eat without assistance due to severe depression and you have an aid bathing the person and feeding them then they cannot be hospitalized under this area. If that caregiver says that they are no longer supporting the Consumer, then the person can go under this. When looking at this area one has to make the choice as to weather the Consumer’s inability to provide for ADLs threatens their life and livelihood.

Problems: One of the initial issues that I have found with the above can be the response time. Many of the individuals that call a crisis line are directed to an answering service that then is supposed to connect them to a Crisis Therapist. This process of call and connection can take a lot longer than needed. During my time as a pre-screener I would be addressed by the police after only taken 5 minutes to come to my destination that the original call had been made over an hour previous. This issue I believe is in the works to be resolved and from what I am hearing is much quicker all the way round.

The Clock: This is one of the biggest issues that comes from an evaluation. As stated above the Pre-Screener has up to 6 hours after the Consumer is taken into custody to evaluate the individual, find the bed and obtain the TDO. Once the 6 hours has run out the Consumer is free to go even if they still have plans to do harm to themselves or others. Many people will look at the 6 hours and think that this is more than enough time but let me break down the process to you. The first part is to keep in mind that this clock starts after the individual is taken into custody and not from the start of the evaluation. The time taken into custody to the time the evaluation is able to start can at times take between 15 minutes and 2 hours depending on the location of the Consumer and the ability of law enforcement to transport.

The evaluation and the paperwork that goes along with it can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the paperwork level involved. Making the decision can take a long time compounding on the time above. This is especially true if the choice is a tough one and relatives, friend or even co-workers need to be called in order to be able to make a full decision. The evaluation process should at the longest takes can take up to 2 hours in a really hard to read one.

The calls to the hospitals are by far the longest part of the pre-screening process. In central Virginia the Pre-Screener must call most hospitals in the state before to see if a bed is available. A Hospital without any beds can some times take as long as an hours to confirm that there are no available beds. A Hospital with an available bed will typically not just come out and say that they will take the Consumer. The Hospital must gain a copy of the pre-screen, run the insurance and then discuss the issue with the lead psychiatrist to decide if they are appropriate for the bed available.  This process can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the hospital and the psychiatrist in charge that day. If all of the hospital options are exhausted then the state hospital is called for a bed. The Pre-screener must prove that all other hospitals were called and then build a very strong case for admittance as the State Hospital works hard to deny all that they can and will work hard to find any chinks in your argument for hospitalization. The State hospitals also tend to require extra medical tests before entry. The State process tends to take 1-3 hours depending on what is needed. Of course if the Consumer has multiple medical issues the State hospital can refuse and you are without a bed at all.

Available Bed: There is a difference between “no beds” and “no appropriate beds”. If a hospital reports “no beds” then they are full up and have nothing available. When a hospital says “no appropriate beds” there are multiple things that could be the case. The hospital may have a bed in a unit with 10 year olds per say and you are looking for a 32 year old. The hospital may have a bed in a calm unit that requires less care and you are attempting to refer an individual needed 1 to 1 care (this is typically the case). Last is that the hospital looks at the record and decides for one reason or another that they do not feel that this individual will be satisfactory for their program at this time.  

The Wait: One of the main things done to fix the ECO process is to extend the time. There are two main issues that take place when it comes to this. The first issue is police presence necessary to hold an ECO. With this you are taking an officer off of the beat for 1-6 hours sometimes even longer. The CTC works to help take some of the stress off but this is still a problem. The second is ER space. A person being evaluated in the hospital is taking up a bed in the ER this is a real problem when it comes to space when the ER is busy. 

Mental Health Case Management:

This is an area that I have a lot of experience in. I have been working Case Management for the last 10 years and there are many overlaps between Community Services Boards when it comes to the services. The basic task of a Case Manager is to utilize resources within the community in order to better increase a Consumer's independence. The case manager also works in different capacities to monitor symptom changes and arrange through resource allocation, supportive counseling and encouragement to better prevent an individual from getting to the point where they are in a Mental Health Crisis. 

A Case Manager in the past typically would have a caseload of 30-45 consumers that they would keep on their caseload provide services face-to-face at least once every 90 days and preferably more often than that. The typical contacts tend to be on the phone providing information for available resources or work towards trying to collaborate with other service providers such as the psychiatrist so in order to head off symptom changes or getting the Consumer connected to crisis treatment if required. 

The Bad: The reality of what is done is typically far more than what was originally intended. The typical Case Load is actually 50-70 people some of which are high intensity and others that are low intensity with a hopefully equal mix. The current load in addition is different depending on where they are employed. In the instance I am reporting the case manager must participated in an annual update in paperwork which typically takes 1-3 hours a quarterly report each month, a review of their financial and insurance statues at least every month. During this time the case manager is keeping in contact with the psychiatrist and other collateral contacts such as police, probation, outpatient therapist or the day program staff. During each month each Consumer needs to be checked on depending on their insurance status. If the person is Medicaid then the case manager needs to at least have two phone contacts if they don't do a Face-to-Face meeting. While keeping up with all of these items the less a Case Manager has to review their caseload and at times items don't get done and slip past which is a worry for the community. Case Management is the first line defense when it comes to prevention of crisis and hope of getting people back into society as high functioning adults.  

The Community Service Board system is also very hard to navigate. To enter in you have to go through a very detailed paperwork process that can take anywhere from 2-5 hours and then go on a wait list of sometimes up to 3 months before seeing a psychiatrist that does an hour long review asking the same questions done in the previous assessment. This is a frustrating slow system that many high level cases glide under. 

My Thoughts on How to Improve the System:

Case Management:  I believe that this system can be improved greatly by developing a tiered system. Right now you have two types essentially of Case Management which deal with the majority of consumers and those that see the high intensity consumers. I believe that we need to have three tiers of case management.

 The first tier would be a low intensity workload. These case managers work with the individuals who have little to no needs coming in about once every 2-3 months mainly just seeing the doctor. The case manager would be present to solve some issues as they come up and to monitor symptom changes to try and keep them at this level. The case manager would see the Consumers at least once every 90 days and try and make phone contacts to update every month. The paperwork light would be light with trimmed down annual and quarterly papers so as to move through quickly and easily. The caseload for the manager would be between 60-100 individuals and they would have a relatively low pay rate in the community asking for reduced reimbursement rates.

 The second tier would have a higher amount of need as these people tend to have a level of need that requires them to be seen face to face at least once every 1-2 months and their symptoms remain fairly unstable. This case manager would help to coordinate care for medical and psychiatric resources as well as work on detailed treatment planning for independent living. This tier would be the area where independence would be the major focus hoping to eventually aim for the goal to move the people down to the first tier level or out of the area of mental health completely. These case managers would be required to be at the masters level and be trained as certified pre-screeners so that they can handle emergency situations as they develop with their consumers giving an added level of personalized care. This group of case managers would be paid at a higher level for the added care and education that they have. The case loads would be 35-50 people so that the personal level can remain manageable. The paperwork would be the most detailed as it would rely heavily on goal oriented care.

The third tier would mimic the current high intensity systems concentrating on groups of people who are highly unstable with a high risk of harm to self and others. This group of case managers would be at the Licensed Clinician level so that they can provide emergency therapy as well as being a pre-screener to provide personalized crisis care. These individuals would be in touch with the hospital system and the psychiatrists keeping a high level of care seeing the individuals at least 1-3x monthly. These individuals would also include people that have a high level of medical care need that requires a large amount of assistance coordinating with hospitals and Primary Care Physicians. The paperwork load would be light with the focus plainly on reduction of symptoms and allowing for speedy entry into care. The case loads due to this would be no more than 10 Consumers per clinician. For both the second and third tier levels on call services would have to be made available.

Mental Health Crisis:  This is the one that everyone wants to try and fix. I know that there are many ways that have been made available and discussed. The likely change would be to increase the ECO time table to 8 hours or greater giving the Crisis worker more time to find a bed. The problem with increasing the time is that you are tying up police and an ER bed when you normally would not. I have an expensive solution and a less expensive solution that would solve the issue.

I would continue to do the evaluation process as it normally falls with a 4 hour ECO in place to get the evaluation done. When it is determined that the individual requires a TDO to a crisis facility then a bedless TDO would be executed allowing for the person to remain in police care until the bed can be found.

A facility can be build in most cities to house individuals who are waiting on a bed to come available. This facility would be similar to many intake facilities with individual rooms, security and a small medical staff there to medially clear the individual. This would allow for police to get back on the street and for medical staff and ER staff not having to be used in such situations. This would also allow for the Pre-screener to more quickly get to any additional situations that might occur.

For a less expensive solution I know that other states such as Maryland tend to utilize hospital security and police tend to leave not long after dropping the person off. This may be a system worth looking into.

With the bed issues. I feel this can be automated as it already is being done. Right now a system is being tested that will automatically tell a crisis worker what beds are available in the community. I feel that this can be tweaked to make it a little more friendly allowing for a more detailed breakdown showing the number of beds available for gender, age and intensity so that the crisis worker can quickly go through the list without having to wait a long time. A system added so that a pre-screen can be attached and sent electronically for review directly by the psychiatrist with a yes or no answer box would make this process not only run quickly but could end the need for the above.

The Crisis Triage centers could be expanded as well to lower costs adding a few more security officers and crisis personnel to hold on to more people at one time.

Finally speaking of automation. I feel that the pre-screening process should be separated out from all of the different Community Services Board operating systems and made into a universal program that can be accessed all over the state. This would make for very quick access by all parties that needed to know about the process and instead of faxing the pre-screen all over the place all contact can be done with a few quick emails.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #122 Fairly Tail Part 9

Hello again and welcome to my next DVD movie review. As per the usual I like to continue series I am involved with and this is no exception. As soon as I finish Gakuen Alice this came up as I really enjoy this series and hope to better enjoy it as it comes out.

This volume starts off as the group goes through the test so that one of them can become a top S class wizard. The only problem is a super evil wizard and an evil guild have also decided to get in on the action leading to a slap drag fight. Warning: This story line does not complete in this volume.

Fairly Tail continues to be a good action anime with good colors and brilliant action. The characters work well together and the voice acting is well done. The music is well done with a great new opener and pretty nice ender getting you well into the series. The enemies in this one are clever and the plot is interesting.

Well apart from this volume ending in the middle of a story arc things are sadly not very new when it comes to the action anime standard.

In the end this is continuing a good series.

Rating:   7/10

Used:     $53.91   Amazon Marketplace

New:    $33.27  Barnes & Nobles

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Ratings Summary

For all of you wishing to keep score here I will update and leave my ratings in Alphabetical order:

Name:                                                                     Rating(out of 10):                                    

23:59                                                                       6
A Christmas Story 2                                                5
American Pie: Band Camp                                     5
Andy Griffith Season 5                                           7
Andy Griffith Season 6                                          5 
Andy Griffith Season 7                                           6
Andy Griffith Season 8                                           6
Arakawa Under the Bridge 2                                  7
Big Bang Theory Season 2                                      8
Big Bang Theory Season 3                                      7
Big Bang Theory Season 4                                      7
Big Bang Theory Season 5                                      7
Big Bang Theory Season 6                                      7
Billy Madison                                                         5
Blob, The                                                                8
Blue Umbrella, The                                                  8
Boa vs. Python                                                        3
Bob Roberts                                                            9
Bullsh*t Season 8                                                    7
City Slickers II                                                        6
Clown Murders, The                                                4
Conjuring, The                                                        8
Crucible of Terror                                                   6
Day the World Ended                                              6
Dead Hate the Living                                               6
Despicable Me 2                                                      8
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days                            7
Dictator, The                                                           7
Door in the Floor                                                     5
Eat Pray Love                                                          5
Eden Log                                                                 5
Elvira's Haunted Hills                                              5
Fairy Tail Vol. 7                                                      8
Fairy Tail Vol. 8                                                      8
Fairy Tail Vol. 9                                                      7
Fairy Tail: The Movie                                              6
Family Guy Vol. 3-10                                              7
Family Guy Vol 11                                                  7
Fatal Attraction                                                       7
Freakshow                                                               5
Frozen                                                                     8
Futurama Vol. 7                                                      6
Gakeun Alice                                                         8
Gentlemen Broncos                                                7
Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust                 6
Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Clever              7
Gingerdead Man va. Evil Bon                                  4
God the Devil and Bob                                            7
Golgo 13: Queen Bee                                              7
Grand, The                                                              7
Grave Encounters                                                    7
Grave Encounters 2                                                 8
Great Gatsby, The                                                   7
Gregory Horror Show                                              7
Guild, The Season 6                                                 6 
Haganai                                                                  7
Hangover Part II, The                                             6
Hangover Part III, The                                            7
Happy Gillmore                                                      7
Hare + Guu                                                             8
Hare + Guu Deluxe                                                  8
Hercules in New York                                              6
High School of the Dead                                         5
Honey we Shrunk Ourselves                                    6
Inkeepers, The                                                         7 
Invasion, The                                                           7
Invasion of the Body Snatchers                               8 
Iron Man 3                                                              7
Jack Frost                                                                7
Jack Frost 2                                                             7
Journey Quest Season 1                                          7
Kamisama Kiss                                                        7
Kick Ass 2                                                               8
The Langoliers                                                         6
Le Portrait De Petite Cosette                                   7
Lemon Grove Kids, The                                          4
Lorax, The (1970)                                                     8
Lorax, The                                                               7
Maria Holic Alive                                                     7
Monsters University                                                 7
Open Water                                                              4
Paranorman                                                             8
Pete's Dragon                                                           6
Priest                                                                        6
Puella Magi Modoka Magica Movie 1 & 2               8
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Student Counsel              7
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Black Rose Saga              7
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Apocalypse                      7
Rock and Roll High School Forever                         6
Ruin Explorers                                                        7
Scorched                                                                 7
Secret of Crickley Hall                                             7
Seed People                                                             5
Seven Psychopaths                                                   7
Shadow People                                                         6
She Creature, the                                                     5
Silent Hill Revolation                                               7
Sister Act                                                                 7
Snowboard Academy                                               4
South Beach Academy                                             5
South Park Season 16                                             7
Thankskilling 3                                                        7
Tigar & Bunny Part 2                                              8
Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning                                6 
Umineko                                                                  7
Uncle Sam                                                                4
Unico: The Island of Magic                                      7
Upstairs Downstairs Series 2                                     7
Voltron Vol 6                                                           5
Voltron Vol 7                                                           6
Wagnaria 2                                                               7
Walking Tall                                                            6 
Weekend at Bernie's II                                             7
Winter Garden                                                         6
World's End, The                                                     7
X-Files Season 1                                                       7
X-Files Season 2                                                       7
Zombie Hunter                                                        4
Zombie Strippers                                                      3

DVD Movie Review #121 Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Hello all and welcome back to the next in my series of DVD movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the third movie in the Honey, We shrunk or blew up something franchise...and no I'm not talking about mythbusters. This time we are going with Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. This movie is the only one in the series that I didn't see. My girlfriend wanted to watch dance moms and well I needed something short to fill the time so I went here.

This movie follows along with our hero now the president of his own invention company. He is working with his brother now and is on the ropes with his wife and neglected children. He absent minded promised his wife that he would watch the kids with his brother while his wife and his sister in law went on vacation. I don't know why they didn't want to take the kids or all go together but what can you do the story needs a hook. Unfortunately the parents end up shrinking themselves and have to endure tiny hardships in order to try and get things together necessary to grow back to normal size once again. Can the kids be trusted?

Well this film isn't too bad as it does have the neat effect of the shark car roller coaster ride. It is also fun to see Rick Moranis in action as I really enjoyed his acting and am saddened with his disappearance from the movie scene. The music is appropriate for the movie and the effects are pretty decent for what you are getting.

This movie was a sad squeezing out of the franchise so that they could milk it for all its worth. This really doesn't have the umph of the first two movies and this makes it a tad sad. The acting was fairly wooden and I feel that Rick Moranis was phoning it in. The effects were good enough but not really up to snuff this time around with obvious low quality CG effects thrown in (of course they were pretty good back then). In the end this just felt like a forced attempt.

A kind of disappointing end to the series but if you haven't seen it I'm sure its worth at least one watch.

Rating: 6/10

I got the standard DVD release

Used:     $3.99

New:     $5.11   Amazon UK

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 5/13/14

Hello and welcome to another acquisition blog. I am excited about a potential future purchase that I am watching on ebay at this very moment and hope to by the end of the month have a wonderful addition to my collection. This of course is not what has started this off. I have had one new addition and will start there and move on from that point so I hope that this one will be packed full of fun for you all.
The Dead 5/10/14: This is a movie I got at Target as we were looking for something scary to watch. When My girlfriend and I in to find a copy of Clash of the Titans (not the good one) we saw this for $5 at Target and decided to get it. I have heard it is a very good Zombie film. I will be watching this tonight and very much look forward to it.

The Quiet Man 5/11/14: This is a movie that I saw at Costco and said "wow only $11". This is one that I need as it is an Oscar winner John Wayne is way underrepresented in my collection. I am curious about this one and look forward to watching it and seeing what this is about.
The Grapes of Wrath 5/11/14: This is an excellent film and getting this on blue ray it is also a wonderful opportunity. Not only is this an Oscar winning film this is a well worth seeing Oscar winning film. This was seen in a two pack with the next in the line for $12. This was too good an opportunity to pass up. I look forward to see the conversion. 

 The Hustler 5/11/14: This is a movie that was on the list for me to see for a long time now. When I got the opportunity to pick it up packaged with The Grapes of Wrath for $12 then I could not resist.
Sailor Moon 5/13/14: This is part of a dream for me to work on finally weeding out all the Chinese bootleg anime in my collection. I did not think that it was possible because Sailor Moon did have most of it released here in the united states but it was a limited release and Toei has no intent of ever re-releasing it here again even though Funimation has repeatedly made attempts. I found this as a set at ebay for next to nothing in relation to the individual prices and was amazed to be the winning bidder. This makes it so that right not in my collection the only Chinese bootleg anime I have in my collection are for those shows or seasons (as the last season was never released here) that have no current United States releases. Of course due to my luck now that I have bought these like with Cardcaptors there will finally be the re-release I had been waiting for. This is Season one or "Sailor Moon" in Japan This is released by ADV in their attempt to follow Pioneer's botched attempt at releasing the series but of course ADV went under and Toei never again renewed the rights so this went out of print fast.
 Sailor Moon R 5/13/14: This was the second and last season that ADV released uncut. This is only done in the sub but is the original uncut format of the series I am pretty happy about all of it finally working its way with such a really nice dvd set. You know I plan on trying to keep the Chinese copies of season one and two as I would like to preserve the horrible dub job that Pioneer did with the series that probably left Toei with a bad taste in their mouths anyway.
 Sailor Moon S 5/13/14: Sailor moon S is the third in the series. Pioneer released an uncut version with the terrible dub they did and the uncut japanese sub. This was in the single disc format as there was a release later on by ADV of the box set. As Pioneer went under early this was their flag ship title an it is near impossible to get today.
 Sailor Moon SuperS 5/13/14: Well this is the last season that was released by Pioneer for Sailor moon which is sad as the last season was by far the best. This one of course is supposed to be uncut as well as contain the dubs.

 Salor Moon Movies 5/13/14: The three movies that got released in america have also been hard to get going from around $30-50 each and if you buy the set it is around $75-$200. I am glad that I got this and completed the series release here in the United States. This is a wonderful testimate to my collection.