Saturday, May 3, 2014

DVD Movie Review #118 Golgo 13: Queen Bee

Well back again with another wonderful DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing an anime Classic Golgo 13: Queen Bee. This is the sequel to the original animated series Golgo 13: The professional. I got hold of the animated series and discovered it was not the original. I went on a hunt and found the other two quite cheap. This one is the only one that I got used and therefore became my watching priority.

Well Golgo 13 is the code name for a famous assassin who always completes his job. This time he was hired to take out a Guerrilla warrior woman who has designs on killing off the candidate for vice president. Of course all is not as it seems on the surface as a more sinister plot finds its way into the mix.

This is actually a pretty good series and look forward to watching more of it later. The animation is smooth and colorful. I feel that it also a well oiled 80s to 90s series. The characters have surprising depth and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole time. The dub was pretty well done and is standard fair for the time. I feel this is well rounded overall.

I have to wonder about this...the music is quite dated. I also have to wonder a bit how a woman who has sex all the time manages to maintain a wonderful body and yet having had around 15 kids without it effecting her? Yeah that's not realistic...

In the end though it was a well dont series.

Rating:  7/10

This is the standard DVD release from Laser Pacific.

Used:     $6.99

New:     $35.18   Amazon Marketplace

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