Sunday, May 18, 2014

DVD Movie Review #123 Prom Night

Hello again and we are back with another DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing the movie "Prom Night" which came to me as a gift from a friend that came on a $5 walmart movie set and didn't want it. I was told that this is a classic Jamie Lee Curtis horror and that I needed to see it so I went for it right away. I must say I fell asleep at the end and had to re-watch that part but I did make it for the rest.

This movie takes place after a group of kids played in an abandoned building and pushed their friend out of the 2nd story window killing her. They make a pact not to ever tell what really happened. Unfortunately for them on the eve of their prom they are being tracked down and killed it looks like someone is back and wanting vengeance. 

This movie is trying to be pretty plot heavy working hard on trying to develop characters for most of it and this is something I have to give it credit for. The killer is pretty much the same as many others but I do feel this one does have a little bit of class as he looks relatively scary. I also find the weird disco prom setting suitably creepy. 

This movie really doesn't have much to suspense to it overall. I mean most of the movie is gone before we get to the killer and in its place is long drawn out attempts at making us feel for the characters are wasted and you feel yourself wanting to sleep instead of paying attention to the film. Once the killer is introduced the plot feels hurried as if they are saying "we are running out of time lets fit it all in" but by then you've kind of lost interest. The odd dark disco theme is creepy but really outdated. The acting is sad and kind of hopeless but good acting isn't expected. Does it bother you that most of the "kids" in this look well into their 30s? The music was also sadly dated with terrible sound quality. I've seem asylum produce better quality horror. 

This is supposedly a classic but I don't really see it. If I want Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween is the better choice. 

This is the Midnight Horror Collection 8 Movie pack from Wal-Mart as explained above. 

Used:     $3.74

New:    $3.98

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