Thursday, May 1, 2014

DVD Movie Review #117 Freakshow

Hello again It is time for another of my patent pending DVD reviews :) This time I am reviewing the Movie Freakshow. I saw this it said "wow banned in 43 countries I've got to see this". It was also $1.50 at the movie stop bought on the buy one get one sale. Of course now I have watched it can maybe see why this was banned which is to say in the shadow of Browning's "Freaks" for the actors involved.

This movie follows a traveling carnival full up with freaks. A group of traveling criminals gets hired by the carnival as laborers. They decide that they are going to steal the supposedly vast amounts of money that the carnival makes and the female will seduce marry and then kill off the carnival master to inherit his massive fortune.

Well this has got to be an...interesting movie. I will admit they kept the gore to a minimum saving most of it for the end and making the movie majority about the story. The use of actual "freaks" is also an up side and of course the down side that left it to be banned...well that and the scene at the end. It was otherwise pretty creepy overall.

Well this has a lot more fault than it does good. The movie was boring with the long action-less exposition. The time line is a bit off as it appears to take place in the 30s or 40s but has the same slang as per current day. The action at the end is sadly tasteless and makes me cringe worse than it did in Hostel...mater of fact hostel was better. Now why they singled out one of the people over all the others also is hard for me. Sad to say I was hoping for better.

Rating:  5/10

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