Sunday, April 27, 2014

DVD Movie Review #116 Gakuen Alice

Hello again I am back with another wonderful DVD movie review. Today we are covering Gakuen Alice. Ever since I saw this advertised years years ago I was drawn to it and eventually it went on sale through's 12 days of anime sale. I immediately went for it and have now gotten to see it after years of anticipation.

Mikan and Hotaru have a close friendship as children. When Hotaru has to move away to go to a private school Mikan decides that she has to see her and finds that Hotaru is actually attending a school for super powered students called Alice's. Mikan breaks in and joins the school in order to get closer to her friend and learning to make others while at the same time learning the good and the bad about the Alice Academy.

This is a very interesting series. Even though the only option is Japanese I can't help but feel this series call out to me to watch yet another episode. The characters are well written and mostly likable. They even have a nice clever story that keeps you involved and invested in the show. The colors are bright and the animation is for the most part great to look at. The music is appropriate and the total product comes together well.

The series does have a few animation snags that kind of bother me. I also continue to have occasional issues with the japanese but that is normal. Overall I don't hate this series.

In the end this is a fun and pleasant series for all to watch.

Rating: 8/10

This is the limited original edition by Nozomi

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