Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DVD Movie Review #104 Kamisama Kiss

Yay! I'm back again with another of my reviews of wonder and love! Well at least something resembling that anyhow. Today I am reviewing the Anime Series Kamisama Kiss. I had initially saw the cost of this series and said "no" but then I read a summary of the series and saw that it was by the Director of fruits basket and got into one of my crazy moods finally purchasing it. I am hoping that all of you who took the plunge like I did will enjoy this.

This series follows an everyday high school girl with a loser father that packs up and leaves her on the street with nowhere to go. She saves a mysterious person that gives her a kiss on the forehead and tells her to go to the local shrine. The keepers of the shrine tell her that the kiss has made her the replacement god for the shrine and she has not only inherited the property but the god title as well. She discovers that the former resident's familiar, a white fox demon is not very happy about being abandoned there to a human playing at being a god. Will our high school girl be able to attend school and be a god at the same time?

This series has a lot of similarities to the series fruits basket and inuyasha. The art style is the same lanky type you would expect in a Shojo anime. The characters are voiced well as Funimation tends to do and the music is very good with the opening theme being extremely catchy. The characters are fairly well written and the story gets you quickly involved in what's going on. This series will have you enjoying yourself the whole way through not overly raunchy or girly.

This series did feel like it had a little bit missing from it. It is like a cross between Inuyasha and Fruits basket without living up to the quality of either. That is not to say the series is bad but it is not as deeply written or have the heart pounding action of the above named series. Much the same that is pretty much all I had to complain of.

In the end this is a fun buy if you want to wait for the cheap set.

Rating: 7/10

I obtained the Goddess Edition which comes with a lot of cute things such as picture cards a hair pen and a fan as pictured below. This one can be a bit pricey as only a limited number are made so they may not be as easily available as the link would report.

Used:     None as of yet

New:     $77.99  Rightstuf.com

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