Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DVD Movie Review #101 Big Bang Theory Season Four

Hello again and welcome to my next rendition of a nice set of reviews. This time we are reviewing Season 4 of Big Bang theory. This set came with the pack that I had bought off of ebay and I continue to be thankful for this sets existence. I love this show and continue to enjoy it.

This season continues with the followup of the breakup between Leonard and Penny and how both sides are dealing with it. At the same time we give Sheldon a Girlfriend, Amy which is a slightly more workable female version of Sheldon that they found at an online dating site. The other relationships start up and we get an introduction to Raj's sister. This season shakes things up quite a bit with lots of new changes.

I love this series and the new characters add some extra dimension to the series. Amy is a great addition to the cast and she casts a new dimension on the character of Sheldon. I The series continues to work in different plot points to keep it fresh and the laughs as always are ever present.

The relationship dynamic between Penny and Leonard can be a tad grating at times. I feel that this show much like a lot of others relies a lot on the backup cast.

This is a good series overall and I continue to love it as I move along.

Rating:     7/10

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