Monday, April 14, 2014

DVD Movie Review #111 Pete's Dragon

Hello again welcome back for another of my lovely reviews. This time I am doing the Disney Classic Pete's dragon. This is one I had thought I had seen multiple times in the past but after watching this I have turned out not to have seen it. I ended up getting it for 60% off from the Disney Movie Club on Blue Ray so I figured it would be a good one ot have in my collection.

This movie follows the boy Pete who is an orphan escaping from his Hillbilly adopted parents. Billy has the help of his loyal dragon friend. He comes into town and finds care in the hands of a sad lighthouse keeper who has lost her love at sea and her drunkard of a father. Things are going well until an evil Carpetbagger decides to try and capture Pete's dragon for his own.

This movie displayed very great technology giving it top notches in the area of effects if you look at it from the time it was created meshing animation and real movies. The traditional Disney movie vibe with musical numbers and whimsical characters. The musical numbers are for the most part memorable and you can enjoy the story.

This movie is king of outdated a bit so this can wear if you are not used to the old school musical type movies. The characters are a tad silly in creation and has some difficulty with adult viewers being a little bit too cheery. Every character here is a bit over the top being a caricature of anything real you kind of feel that these characters have no basis in reality they are so fake. "Golly Gee!"

In the end this is a classic to those who had seen it previously but not a necessity.

Rating:  6/10

This is the Blue Ray Version

Used:    Oddly enough none

New:     $39.74   Amazon Marketplace

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