Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #112 Zombie Hunter

Hello again I hope that you all are enjoying your week or weekend or whenever this gets published. This movie is one of the lot of movies I had purchased from DVDMan who has sent me good quality stuff thus far. This time I got Zombie Hunter mainly for the cover and though I remember listening to the Wetmovie1 (AKA DVDMan) review I still had to get it for the acting credit.

A new designer drug is sweeping the nation and its more addictive than heroin yet it turns its users into flesh eating zombies. Fast forward into the future and follow a mad max wannabe as he goes on adventures in the post-apocalyptic world. He runs into a group of survivors (I think they were a troupe of bad actors) and then the game of humans vs. zombies begins in this post apocalyptic gore fest.

Danny Trejo has got to be the best thing about this movie. The combat scene between him and the uber zombie was one of the cooler scenes in the movie. Sadly his involvement is short lived and we are stuck with the bad actors again. This movie is almost comical in its own wayand this does make for a bit of fun. Of course the desert is the best place to film this stuff I mean it is a place where few people want to go yet all the survivors in these movies tend to enjoy staying in them. The end though is worth some of the price of admission.

Ok well this movie really doesn't have a lot of good points. The acts (if you want to call them that) I would hope are feeling sad that they were in this film and decided "hey lets just earn our paychecks and get off of this ship wreck". This is my optimism talking here and not my "oh god these people need to find a new line of work" sense that I am getting here. The music is standard B movie fair so nothing special here. The effects are pretty old for the time that this came out and they do show. I am hoping in the future I can laugh at them instead of being sad. Of course the saddest part here is that there are no bobbies here just some teasing about some. Did the actresses feel that it would hurt their "careers" to show some skin? Did the director feel that this needed to be a movie that children could go see? I don't really know but in a movie like this bobbie shots tend to be their redeeming features.

In the middle of the bad movie apocalypse this movie is just a tumble weed blowing in the wind.

Rating: 4/10

I got the Blue Ray copy of this film...Unnecessary!

Used:     $6.92  Amazon

New:     $8.95  Ebay

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