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SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 4/20/14

Hello again and welcome back to my next Blue Ray and DVD update. This time I am splitting things a bit as I do not feel that I have the time to do otherwise and I only really have one item at the time of starting this and that doesn't make for a very good update. Well here we go...

Nyaruku crawling with Love! 4/14/14: Ok I love and NIS puts out some fun items. I saw this was a play on Lovecraft horror in a cute comedy way and had to get in on the ground floor with this series. I did very much want to change my mind on this but I didn't beat the shipping and I feel it was fate this is a cool set though with a full color booklet and nice quality Blu-Rays. The end this cost me around $47.
Galaxy Express 999 4/17/14: I got this one from due to my wanting to back out of my order and Risghtstuf sending me the sequels. I have been wanting this for a long time and I admit the sale price was right. This is supposed to be one of the major classics and the TV series is not available so this is probably the closest I will get to a necessary classic for all of anime.

TaleSpin Volume 1 4/19/14: Ok this is the first in a three volume lineup. I was seriously having my doubts about buying this series but the third volume made up my mind for me. This was one of the shows I watched when I was young and Disney was on a roll with shows like Ducktales and Rescue Rangers. This is a great show by all means well worth the watch by any and Disney Movie Club had their sale leaving this as the only one that I had to buy for $20.
TaleSpin Volume 2 4/19/14: Yup volume 2 for only $8 at the Disney Movie Club This is the next 27 epsiodes of the series. Initially Disney stopped releasing the series after this volume as with all of its series. This is something that I have a problem with but...
 TaleSpin Volume 3 4/19/14: ...they actually recently decided to finish off the series as a Disney Movie Club exclusive not that long ago in 2013. This actually gives us the final 11 episodes of the series. With this volume you can actually own the entire show! This is probably one of the few ever Disney cartoons that they have completely released on DVD. If you didn't get it as I did though it may end up costing you as it was still an exclusive.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion 4/18/14: This is a very important movie. The Aniplex America price tag of around $54 is sadly what has to be paid as I learned with the first two in the series they go out of print fast. This is a wonderful series though the price tag is a little too steep for most and my advice is to work on getting the movies don't bother with the series unless you have old school anime money to spend. I am really looking forward to this as it will explain some of what happened at the end of the series and keep going. New territory and a high rated film to boot. Aniplex pretty much straight exports from Japan to us so this is a legit copy and yet it looks sadly like some of the Chinese ones I still have left.
Adieu Galaxy Express 4/18/14: This is the second in the movie series and I am again very much hoping to get into this series as it is an anime must see. This one came from and I am very happy with the sale price of $9. 

Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy  4/18/14: From the distributor Eastern Star that brought us other movies from the series we have the third in the series coming out in 1998. I have felt this was an important movie in the series and well this waited far too long. I had hoped to see the series but sadly they only released the first part of that one. I am very much looking forward to these things.
Darkwing Duck 4/19/14: This is another Disney Gem and one of my favorites as I was a comic collector in my youth and this was Disney's early crusade into the super hero genre. I really thought this was well worth the series. This is also one that I feel is really a good release as for once DISNEY IS PUTTING THE PILOT ON THE FIRST VOLUME.
Darkwing Duck 4/19/14: This is the second volume of the series and I am happy to have it. The sad thing is that this was released over 5 years ago and yet again there is no hint in sight of completing this series. It is sad but the one good thing is that Talespin got finished recently even though volume 2 of that series came out a while ago my hope is that this series will finish as well in the future.

Well that's it for now I am running low on money so Its mostly pre-orders from this point happy holidays!

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