Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DVD Movie Review #109 Big Bang Theory Season Five

Hello again and welcome back to my lovely DVD movie reviews. This time I review Big Bang Theory season five. I am working my way quickly through this series and I only have seasons 1-6 as that is what is out now. This is the odd one that was left in the pack that I got that came separately. Again I am enjoying this quite well and continue down the rabbit hole.

Well we arrive again with new antics as we warm up for the big wedding between Howard and Bernadette. This series we also get to further check out the unhealthy relationship between Leonard and Penny and of course the odder relationship between Leonard and his Raj's sister. In the end we start to look forward to Howards Launch into space and the shocking ending.

This season continues where the other seasons left off continuing to enjoy the many attempts at humor that has yet to grow old. The dynamics are somewhat the same but the characters are evolving with the time and interactions which leaves the writing here so good. I hope that this will continue in the next season.

Season five does have some tired humor that has been recycled throughout the rest of the show. So we have the same theme and the same opener and some of the same gags. They still work but still it will be old.

This is a great series I have worries though that the series will end stale.

Rating:   7/10

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