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SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 4/2/14

Hello movie lovers and fans of all that there is of blue ray and DVD collecting. I am back with another of my Blue Ray and DVD updates. Usually I hold off for a while but this time I ended up having circumstances and an amazon pre-order come in at the same time which was shortly after my last update. At the same time I will hold off for a little while on posting this as I don't want it to go to quickly. I have two groups: & Moviestop

This actually comes from an offer that was hard to refuse paired with an OCD trip and a reaction to watching a really good documentary last week. So you can enjoy the views I have here
3/31/14 Take the Money and Run: Do you know how difficult it is to get an inexpensive copy of this? I got mine for $12 and that was a difficult thing. This is the last of the three Woody Allen films I purchased after watching the documentary on his work. I really love this film and continue to sek to convert all of the films I got in Chinese format to the original american release. This was a great film and I believe his first foray into directing. This was a great one to have for any Woody Allen fan or great cinema fan alike. I know that there is controversy about him but at the same time his work shows his ability and any of you nay Sayers need to give him a bit of a try.
3/31/14 Serenity: This was a part of a bigger order. I have the series Firefly and was informed that this is a good way to end the series. I got this out of a bigger sale wanting to complete the two different sets that I had and it is always on sale for around $6 so I had figured "why not, who knows I may even watch the series one day."
3/31/14 Farscape:  This was the inspiration for this particular order. Amazon dis a great deal on this series and I tell you I have been wanting this for the longest time now since seeing the first few episodes on Scifi network (before it was changed to the cheesy Syfy). This is too good a deal to pass up and after the star trek disappointment this is a nice option...well this and firefly.
3/31/14 Farscape the Peacekeeper Wars: This was around $7 and this is the miniseries that had ended and wrapped up the series. I had heard the series ended a little unresolved so this will be a needed companion for my OCD ordering streak.
My copy of Star Trek the Next Generation went Bad! One of the discs actually had an episode of NCIS recorded over it. Well moviestop did take the set back yet only gave me a week to spend the in store credit. I got two blue rays for my girlfriend and tried to utilize the rest to complete some of my lower rent series of movies (OCD collector here).
 3/31/14 Ginger Snaps 2 unleashed: Ok I really don't like the series and I only have Ginger Snaps Back which I thought was frustrating as it was that whole needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many type story. I am sure this is the same thing and I don't really look forward to it. Still the collector in me is yelling at me to see this one. It is also mad at me that I was unable to find the first film.
3/31/14 Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles: I must admit I have a guiltily enjoyed this film when I saw it. I know it isn't as good as the other two but it is worth including in the trilogy even as an aside. Oddly enough this was one of the few circumstances that I could purchase it under.
3/31/14 honey I blew up the Kid: I last saw this film when I was in school it was one of those days close to a holiday and the teachers were trying to make the class "fun" by showing a film. I did enjoy this movie and I wanted to complete the series so this was on my list for a while. Even cooler it was new.
3/31/14 Honey, We shrunk Ourselves: This is the third in the trilogy and I really did want to see this film to complete the trilogy. I also am very happy to have finally gotten this series done with. Let's hope that this one is as good as the other two...though likely not.
3/31/14 Serial Killing 101: This has been on my list for a long time. I really wanted to see this and when it was on a 2 for $3 at Moviestop it had to go on as a cart topper. I like movies done like this and will continue to collect them to my heart's content.
3/31/14 AmityVille Dollhouse: How many of these are there? I am continuing to collect them and came across this one. I like haunted house films and still am missing the 3rd film in the series cannon. I will obtain it eventually and in the meantime I will continue to collect these spinoffs as I see them.
3/31/14 Lake Placid the Final Chapter: I have collected all the other Lake Placid films and was sad in learning that they made a new one...I mean I was very exited! I have been curious about this one and was waiting for the price to drop so this is of course right where I wanted it a nice cheap cut :)
3/31/14 Boogeyman 3: Ok, in truth I would have obtained this one earlier had I known about its existence when I bought the other two cheaply. Of course I looked it up and too late realized there was a 3rd film. Well now I have the set and I hope that they will not make another one until my bank account is sound.
3/31/14 Blue Jasmine: I knew I had a high quality film in there somewhere! This is a must buy for two reasons: I am a Woody Allen collector and I am an Academy Award winner collector (though you may not realize it from the films above). This film continues to show the masterwork that has been continued in Woody's recent films and the acting is superb. Cate Blanchett really deserved that award as her acting in this is very much haunting.

Well that is the end for now I hope to put some distance between now and the next one but that depends on what pre-orders come due.

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