Thursday, April 24, 2014

DVD Movie Review #114 Eden Log

Hello again and welcome back to my new DVD movie review. This time I have Eden Log a $1 dvd purchased on a whim at MovieStop during one of their sales. This movie looked cool and odd and I like cool and odd.

Well This movie stars a guy waking up without any memory of his former life in an underground world. It looks like things have gone sour here and he must figure out why before he gets devoured by demons within and without.

This movie is creepy looking. This is something that I feel makes the movie good for what its' worth. The acting is done well enough that you can feel the characters are going crazy with the weird mutant thing going around. The world is filmed in a why that enhances what you are supposed to see and feel. The music is also done to appropriately feel.

The plot has let me down in a big way here. It does one job perfect which is to confuse you but it never clears you up from confusion. You are left at the end saying "what was that thing I saw?" I must say that the slightly poor camera work is very much increasing the confusion.

Well that is it for now enjoy this if you get it on the dvd I did.

Rating:  5/10

Used:     $2.44 Amazon UK

New:     $7.74 Amazon Marketplace

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