Thursday, April 17, 2014

DVD Movie Review #108 Open Water

Hello I have a lovey review for you wouldn't you love to see it. This time I have Open Water for you. This was one of those movies I had been by the movie stop with my girlfriend and said "I've never seen this" and she said "then you need to buy it" so I did. And here we go...

Here we are with a lovely couple that we all get to love to hate. Well that couple goes on a vacation to go scuba diving and then gets left out in the middle of the ocean to die. Will they die? Look it up its based on a true story. Either way a lot of suffering awaits you.

You know what I really liked about this film...the end. I don't want to blow this for you so I will not and subject you to the full 81 minutes of horror!

What can I say the acting is terrible...though I really hate the main characters in this as they are probably some of the least likable people I can see. This movie is kind of boring as well I mean that 81 minutes is some of the longest 81 minutes in movies since Il Postino. In reality I have had better times emptying the litter box at home with my bare hands and a messy day.

This movie is bad yet not Mr. Jingles bad

Rating:   4/10

Used:    $2.08   Amazon UK

New:    $4.18

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