Sunday, April 13, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 4/13/14

Here we are with another update on my collection. This one comes from the Disney Movie club where I got a 60% discount and wanted to try and get hold of some of the older cartoons I watched as a kid. I worry though that they are just going to release random episode collections and not ever release all of the episodes but there is hope :)
Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers Volume 1 4/12/14:  I used to love this series when I was a child I watched it pretty religiously along with many of the other Disney shows back when they were on Fox in the early 90s. This collection has some class with the first 27 episodes and not skipping around as much unfortunately the pilot episodes are not on this volume and well this makes me sad as it sets up the series and in reality is the reason for buying it. Still it is good to start off in order. This volume cost me only $8 with the discount and this is the better of the two releases which has three discs in thin case.
Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers Volume 2 4/12/14: This is the second volume in the series and continues to go in order surprisingly. I am hoping that they release the next volume of the series and Disney may be able to finish off one of their TV shows :)  This volume contains the 5 episode Pilot but still I have to wonder why they put it here instead of volume 1. Maybe it is to try and get everyone to buy volume 1 as it feels awkward to have just volume 2. This one is the three thin case editions and only cost me around $8.
Duck Tales Volume 1 4/12/14: Duck Tales is a good series and I loved as a kid and really enjoy the pilot to this day. I am sad that this is a random episode assortment as it makes me feel they won't be finishing the series as it is very long. I am sad that they do no have the pilot on it...sad. This one is the three disc thin case edition for $18 which I had to buy full price to get the 60% discount on the rest.
Duck Tales Volume 2 4/12/14: Again with putting the pilot on Volume 2 of the series. Again with random assortment of episodes nothing new here. I can say that with these series the order isn't horribly important other than for the introduction of characters. I will have to see what they put on before I make the final judgement. This is the three thin case edition obtained for $8.
Duck Tales Volume 3 4/12/14: the next volume of random epsiodes in the series. I am hoping that they release volume 4 and continue instead of stopping here. I am pretty negative about this but hope that I am wrong. Again it is the three thin case edition with $8 tag. They re-released these again on a one dvd case set but I prefer these versions.
Duck Tales the Movie 4/12/14: Believe it or not I have never seen this one. I am hoping that it is a good one I have loved the series as a child and am hoping that the movie is just as good. As a collector I love to get what I can. This one cost me only $5 with the discount.
Pearl Harbor 4/12/14: I have needed this in my collection for a while and getting it on Blu Ray for around $6 was finally the price I was willing to pay. Pearl Harbor is not one of the top priorities for me but I haven't seen this yet and I do need the Ocscar winner for my collection. I am hoping that the special effects will be as awesome as they report in this film.

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  1. A side note I actually was inaccurate as I read on the Ducktales and Rescue Rangers Wiki that they presented the episodes in order of airing though it is still messed up that the pilot is included on the 2nd volume.