Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DVD Movie Review #105 Andy Griffith Show Season 8

Hello all here we are yet again with my new review in the land of TV and fun. This is a special review today as this is the last one I will be doing for this series. I have been watching this series for around 2 years after obtaining the full set for around $60 used and can now officially enter it in my collection. So here we go it has been a long haul but we are finally at the end of the Andy Griffith show.

This season picks up right along with season 8 but of course Floyd the Barber is no longer with us and we have to find a replacement in Emmett the friendly handy man who runs the town junk shop and Sam the friendly young farmer taking the place of the young doctor that they tried introducing last season. We get to see Don Knotts in his last entry on the show trying to address the cold war at Andy's kitchen table. We also get to see Opie get a job and a date as well as Howard going to his own private island paradise. We end the series with a plug for the spin off Maybery R.F.D. where Sam gets a bit more air time.

Well this season has the same charm of the other seasons trying to teach a moral in each episode and bringing the laughs with it. The quality of the film is good as well as the acting for each of the characters. I will be sad to bid them farewell as they are fun and the series will always be held pretty dear.

That being said I am glad that this series is going as it was falling in quality. I felt that the writing was getting pretty stagnant and predictable. Andy's personality kind of softened as he was mostly angry in season 7 and now he's kind of subdued here. Most of the characters I've grown to love have left and the replacements are no where near as good. The ending was an advert for a spin off show and this is sad as it needed a little more love at the end especially as this was the end of an age and it went out with a bit of a sputter instead of a bang.

This was by far my least favorite season of the show. If you want the best get season 4 but if you are like me it completes the collection so best wishes and a long goodbye to Mayberry.

Rating: 6/10

One the Set I have: This set is actually a pretty good buy. It comes with the complete series. A variety of extras including tv spots and the movie Return to Mayberry which was a a fun look back on the series and maybe better than the episode that brought things to an end. I feel that this set is not as good as the individual series sets though as I hate paper sleves and their inability to hold on to a disc and how the discs get torn all to heck without you trying.

Used:     $72.99

New:     $65.41 

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