Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DVD Movie Review #113 Walking Tall

Hello again we are back with another of my patented DVD movie reviews. This time I am reviewing the Movie Walking Tall. This movie came with a big movie lot that I had ordered on Ebay. I figured a good random 200 movie lot for $100 was a good deal and I had a lot of mixed results.

The movie follows a man returning home after a falling out with the military. He realizes that the little mill town he once knew is now dominated by drugs, gambling and corruption. After multiple failed attempts at resolving the issues the right way he takes up his cedar club and dealing out vengeance. There is a new Sheriff in town and he's gonna serve out some justice.

I have been meaning to watch this film for a long time and now after making a breakfast casserole I finally get to see the Rock in all his glory. This movie had everything you could want in an action movie: Wooden acting, head bashing, venting and an evil douche bag that you want to see get his come uppins and guess what you  get what you want. When this movie starts rolling it starts with a vengeance. The music and effects are fitting for the film and make it work out really well. And yest wooden predictable acting is actually an asset here.

Well for what it is I have a hard time finding fault other than for what it is. I mean other than it being an remake of something I haven't seen so I cannot judge it fully. The movie is pretty unoriginal but it is expected for the type of movie that it is. Now following this I have to say that the biggest weakness is the work on the plot to make it look a little better yet they spent a good amount of time trying to create plot exposition instead of just getting down to the action.

Overall pretty decent action movie.

Rating:  6/10

Used:     $2.06  Amazon UK

New:     $5.83

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