Saturday, April 26, 2014

DVD Movie Review #115 Voltron Collection 7

Hello again and welcome to another one of my greatly sought out DVD movie reviews. This time I am covering the 7th volume of Voltron which is based off of the land team. After buying up the metal lion sets the OCD side of me had to get volume 6, 7 and 8 which followed the alternate Voltron Vehicle team. Great news is that there is only one volume left and these only have 12-13 episodes instead of the 30 per volume that Andy Griffith was.

This volume continues to follow the teams as they look for more inhabitable worlds. You get a little more in depth information about the Drool Empire and their reasons for trying to find a new world. The internal conflicts between those that want peace those that want war and those that want power is a continued aspect. 

I don't fully understand why this series was less popular than the original. I admit the lions are cooler but the way the story has been constructed here is much better. I see some actual depth in the characters even after the United states butchered it. I also feel the animation is much better in this series and this improvement is a good step. 

Ugh...well the voice acting is foul but that is par for the course. The story is mostly repetitive and only is good for small servings at a time. The music is predictable and some of the characters are extremely frustrating. I don't really feel that this series is a great one but it is still a classic that most need to see. 

Rating:  6/10 

This set is in a sturdy box though cardboard it is still a nice set.  

Used:     $10.03 Amazon Marketplace

New:     $7.46  Second Spin

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