Sunday, April 6, 2014

DVD Movie Review #102 Sister Act

I am here again with another lovely DVD movie review. This time I have sister act to go over with you. This is a classic movie that I have loved for a long time. When I saw the two movie blue ray set for $5 at Target it had to be the one for me. I have seen this one multiple times and look forward to this one.

This movie follows a casino singer who witnessed her boyfriend commit a murder. In order to testify she has to hide in the one place that they would never think to look....a nunnery! While she is there she discovers that the horrible choir has potential and works to bring the church back to life again. Will she succeed in evading her boyfriend before he kills her and bring people back to the catholic church?

This is a classic film. Whoopi is wonderful here, the characters are fun and the comedy is every present. You will find yourself rocking in the isle as you want to sing along. The acting is done fairly well and the singing is handled well. The plot is good enough for what you would watch and the costume design is ok.

The acting is only so good and if you are looking for a great film then you need to look elsewhere. There are some inconsistencies in the plot and you have to wonder why the young nun is the only one that gets to dress different (in both movies).

In the end this is a worthy buy.

Rating:  7/10

This is the DVD + Blue Ray edition

Used:     $15.23   Amazon Marketplace

New:     $16.87

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