Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gaming Review #1 Sleeping Dogs (X-Box 360)

Hello All and welcome to the first of my Video game reviews. I play video games in little spurts and enjoy it as a way to blow off some steam here and there. This is one of those things where I will much like my DVDs review a game that I have finished and that is in my collection. This does not happen often so don't expect the pure numbers that you are seeing from my Movie reviews. This one is Sleeping Dogs it is a wonderful one that you get for free with an x-box live account. I am very pleased this time for the free download. My girlfriend enjoyed watching me play this so I managed to work through it pretty quickly.

This game follows a Chinese american guy coming back to Hong Kong after a lucrative career in the police. The Hong Kong police were utilizing his old gang ties to have him go undercover and work his way up to the top to help topple the Triads. This one plays similarly to most Rock Star games where you have a set group of tasks along with side quests in a nicely fleshed out environment.

This game has very nice graphics when you are looking at the 360. The action is a combination of driving game, beat em up and shoot em up styles all taking place in a pretty nicely detailed Hong Kong. It is a pretty nice being able to drive around the city either fighting the police or trying to work within the system. There are a wonderful number of unlockable abilities and costumes. The story is also very interesting and keeps you going at a very fast pace.

Well there are some disjointed issues. The dating portion of the game is pretty open ended and doesn't really lead most places once he manages to score he just drops them. I felt like the story kind of ended abruptly as well. Lastly I feel like things are a bit too wide and due to most of the city being closed to you exploring only yields mild results and this is discouraging.

Over all this is a good game and worth a try.

Rating:  7/10

As I don't have the hard copy I will not be doing a game pricing here.

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