Friday, April 11, 2014

DVD Movie review #106 23:59

Hello again and welcome to the next DVD movie review. This movie is one that I saw while trying to aid a fellow DVD collector in buying a movie or two off of his collection. This one peaked my curiosity. It was also only $5 so I figured "what the heck".

This movie follows a group of Chinese military men stationed on an island. It was said that a military man had committed suicide at exactly 23:59 and that there are odd hauntings that occur at that time each night. There are also rumors of a girl that was killed by the military wandering about the island looking for revenge. 

This movie has a very creepy undertone. They utilize things pretty well the blue ray tech with the clear and crisp picture. The characters are pretty well acted and the suspense is very well timed. I could say that the music is also well utilized to increase the suspense and terror at the end. 

This movie was kind of odd switching between Chinese and English without much explanation. I felt that this left the movie a little uneven. It is also hard to tell how good the acting is and the makeup utilized is abysmal. In the end I would say that this is not the best of all things in Asian Horror. 

In the end this is worth the $5...indeed.

Rating:  6/10

This is the Blue Ray edition of this movie. 

Used:     $12.24

New:     $10.52

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