Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gaming Review #2 South Park:Stick of Truth (PS3)

Hello again and welcome back to #2 in our wonderful gaming reviews. I have been proud to say that I beat yet another game and quite well. This is a game I have been wanting for years. South Park Stick of Truth was one of the most desired games for the last two years. This game has been delayed for a long time but at long last we have a really good South Park game and not a strange strategy or lame shooter like the other ones released.
This game stars the new kid in town which is a highly customized boy moving into town for mysterious reasons. The kids quickly recruit him in a war of humans vs. elves in a charming role playing game that ends up as a massive battle for the power item "the stick of truth". Things get out of hand and we end up in a war against government foot soldiers, aliens and nazi zombies.
This game has a lot of good points to it and the strongest point is also the weakest one and that is that this game plays and looks exactly like the show. The voice acting is excellent and you feel like you are actually involved in an episode. The main character is very well customizable and should you get to alter your character yet more with tons of costume, clothing, hair and other features. Many of these features add something to your character. Many of the clothing items allow for patches that increase the ability of that item to devastating effect.  The combat system is pretty easy to navigate and will have you learning it without much time spent. The game is pretty simple and due to being easy to learn so you can start having fun right away.  The amount of side quests and the humor poking fun of typical role playing games lends this some versatility. Fans of South Park will rejoice at this being a fun and enjoyable game.
This game has a few issues and one of them is the same as it is in the positive and that is it is exactly like the series but without any sensors to hold them back. This leads to them trying to top themselves with something more obscene and hard to watch almost at every plot point. I find the character development to not be terribly original with the character classes not having a lot of difference overall. The game is also very short only having about 14 hours of game time and a rather abrupt ending.
Well that being said fans of South Park Rejoice you have found your game at last!

Rating:    8/10

I have the Play Station 3 version

Used:    $28.99

New:     $33.49

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