Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DVD Movie Review #124 Hellraiser Hellworld

Well back for another DVD movie review. This time I have skipped ahead to one of the later movies in the Hellraiser series "Hellworld" This is the 8th in a 9 film series if you count the remake. My girlfriend has said she didn't care for 5-7 so I was looking for a horror that would be suitable and she had stated that this was a good one. I am glad to make headway into this series and it may be a point of concentration int he future for solo viewing.

This movie takes place at an unknown point in the series with a bunch of college kids getting an invite for completing a Hellraiser based online role playing game. They are grieving the loss of their friend who died getting too much into the game and one of them wants nothing to do with it. When they arrive they are presented with a house of horrors they never thought possible.

I have not been the biggest fan of the Hellraiser series. I can think out of all the horror movie killers I would like being stalked by these the least as it tends to do a lot of torture and nastiness. This movie pleasantly keeps this to a minimum with at times uncharacteristic deaths and happenings. The haunted house is a great setting and the final plot twist does a lot in explaining the strange departures from the series. I personally considered this a pleasant twist on the series. The music was well suited hard rock for any of this type and the makeup was believable. This was a good movie in the series

The acting is abysmal...period. That is the biggest drawback to this movie that I see. I must admit this is not terrible bad point if you are considering the source material. I mean really, who expects good acting from the 8th feature film in a horror franchise? Otherwise I don't feel there were any major down points in this film.

A good film in the series and well worth viewing.

Rating:   7/10

This was a cheap compilation series disc

Used:    $4.32

New:     $6.98

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