Friday, May 9, 2014

DVD Movie Review #119 Big Bang Theory Season Six

Hello and welcome to another of my find DVD movie reviews. This time I am going over Big Bang Theory Season Six. I am surprised to see myself at the end of this road and nearly caught up to the current release through it is well into season seven right now. I love this series and am a confessed addict. I cannot wait till the next release.

Well we are back again and Howard has returned from space more experienced and more haughty than ever. We get to see more development in the relationships that have formed for all three couples (yes including sheldon). We even get to see a slight relationship building for Raj and a pretty intense series finale that will have you coming back for more. 

This season was relatively good really involving the relationships and how the different characters have evolved. This evolution has really hit home for me as a staring point of the series. I feel that in many the characters just rely on the same old gags to get laughs. I do feel that this series is well worth continued viewing giving us new material to return to each time as well as great acting and fun music. 

Well any series starts to get a little old. This one has a few things that kind of wear on you such as Sheldon's antics. He does evolve and his involvement with Bob Newhart was fun at the end of the season yet at the same time I feel that there needs to be more development in this area. 

Rating:  7/10 

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