Friday, May 30, 2014

DVD Movie Review #126 Slacker

Hello Welcome again to another of my mighty DVD reviews. This time I am reviewing a Criterion film I had purchased from Wetmovie1 when he was selling on Amazon (I hope you take a look at his you tube site and follow him). This movie was one I was curious about as I have seen the directors other works such as Before Sunrise.

This movie follows a everyday life of those living in the less traveled section of Austin Texas. This takes a less organized look at different people and their daily lives. It is hard to tell at times weather things are scripted or real as we travel the different streets and neighborhoods of the laid back Texas city.

Well this is actually very real for me as this really does feel like a documentary type piece. Its work on making this a real experience is a very deep and this gritty indie feel makes you understand what a piece of art this really is.

That being said this is a pretty boring pic. It keeps your interest at times moves away and you fall asleep as it continues on and on making you wonder at times when this film will end. When you have a film that feels longer than it actually is this is usually a bad sign.

In the end this is for you art lovers out there wherever you are

Rating:  6/10

Do Keep in Mind this is a criterion edition

Used:     $12.99    Amazon Marketplace

New:     $22.93    Amazon Marketplace


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