Friday, May 2, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 5/2/14

Hello again. It has actually been a long time since my last review. I thought for a while I wouldn't have evne been updating now if it wasn't for a faithful trip to Costco with a bit of discount Oscar madness!
Amityville 3-D 4/29/14: I got this one from on an impulse buy. I have the first two and the fourth movie and decided that this would be the best time to complete the series. I am not really too excited other than with pleasing my OCD nature :)
Evita 5/2/14: This is the first of my Costco buys. I am an Oscarfile and hope to one day own all Oscar Winning Films in my collection I really wish I could say I am mostly done but they just keep adding new ones each year (you'd think they'd take a break and let me catch up). Any case this is probably the best start to me getting my collection finished as this was one not on my list if not for the $10 price tag.

The Jazz Singer 5/2/14: Again a classic and a winner of the first Honorary Oscar this film is quite important. It was a different time back then but good acting and singing is beyond time. In the end I am happy that this is in my collection and hope that the blue ray cleans it up. 
Meet Me in St. Louis 5/2/14: Another Honorary Oscar winner for child acting. I have to say that this is an award we need today. It like the Jazz Singer comes in these nice books and as they were both reasonably priced (not $35) I had to get this at the reduced Costco price. I really love these and hope to eventually get Amadeus in this format. 
Rebecca 5/2/14: I really like Alfred Hitchcock and this film was sadly missing from my collector's sets. I got this in a two pack for $12 with Spellbound. This is something that is very much worth the buy as it is one of Hitchcocks few Oscar winning films. I cannot wait to see how they cleaned this one up. 
Spellbound 5/2/14: I mean this is the next in high art that I got at Costco it will be very sad when I get to the next one. This was a deal that I couldn't refuse again with the cast and the Oscar win plus add Alfred Hitchcock this was a no brainer for me. 
The Wolverine 5/2/14: This last one really is sadly the odd man out and also the one that started me buying. I mean a recent release on Blue Ray for $10? I am a marvel collector or really a super hero movie collection. Who knows I may even get Catwoman these days (I am not even willing to look it up). This movie I really look forward to seeing I only hope that Machete 2 gets out soon. 

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