Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 5/13/14

Hello and welcome to another acquisition blog. I am excited about a potential future purchase that I am watching on ebay at this very moment and hope to by the end of the month have a wonderful addition to my collection. This of course is not what has started this off. I have had one new addition and will start there and move on from that point so I hope that this one will be packed full of fun for you all.
The Dead 5/10/14: This is a movie I got at Target as we were looking for something scary to watch. When My girlfriend and I in to find a copy of Clash of the Titans (not the good one) we saw this for $5 at Target and decided to get it. I have heard it is a very good Zombie film. I will be watching this tonight and very much look forward to it.

The Quiet Man 5/11/14: This is a movie that I saw at Costco and said "wow only $11". This is one that I need as it is an Oscar winner John Wayne is way underrepresented in my collection. I am curious about this one and look forward to watching it and seeing what this is about.
The Grapes of Wrath 5/11/14: This is an excellent film and getting this on blue ray it is also a wonderful opportunity. Not only is this an Oscar winning film this is a well worth seeing Oscar winning film. This was seen in a two pack with the next in the line for $12. This was too good an opportunity to pass up. I look forward to see the conversion. 

 The Hustler 5/11/14: This is a movie that was on the list for me to see for a long time now. When I got the opportunity to pick it up packaged with The Grapes of Wrath for $12 then I could not resist.
Sailor Moon 5/13/14: This is part of a dream for me to work on finally weeding out all the Chinese bootleg anime in my collection. I did not think that it was possible because Sailor Moon did have most of it released here in the united states but it was a limited release and Toei has no intent of ever re-releasing it here again even though Funimation has repeatedly made attempts. I found this as a set at ebay for next to nothing in relation to the individual prices and was amazed to be the winning bidder. This makes it so that right not in my collection the only Chinese bootleg anime I have in my collection are for those shows or seasons (as the last season was never released here) that have no current United States releases. Of course due to my luck now that I have bought these like with Cardcaptors there will finally be the re-release I had been waiting for. This is Season one or "Sailor Moon" in Japan This is released by ADV in their attempt to follow Pioneer's botched attempt at releasing the series but of course ADV went under and Toei never again renewed the rights so this went out of print fast.
 Sailor Moon R 5/13/14: This was the second and last season that ADV released uncut. This is only done in the sub but is the original uncut format of the series I am pretty happy about all of it finally working its way with such a really nice dvd set. You know I plan on trying to keep the Chinese copies of season one and two as I would like to preserve the horrible dub job that Pioneer did with the series that probably left Toei with a bad taste in their mouths anyway.
 Sailor Moon S 5/13/14: Sailor moon S is the third in the series. Pioneer released an uncut version with the terrible dub they did and the uncut japanese sub. This was in the single disc format as there was a release later on by ADV of the box set. As Pioneer went under early this was their flag ship title an it is near impossible to get today.
 Sailor Moon SuperS 5/13/14: Well this is the last season that was released by Pioneer for Sailor moon which is sad as the last season was by far the best. This one of course is supposed to be uncut as well as contain the dubs.

 Salor Moon Movies 5/13/14: The three movies that got released in america have also been hard to get going from around $30-50 each and if you buy the set it is around $75-$200. I am glad that I got this and completed the series release here in the United States. This is a wonderful testimate to my collection.

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