Friday, May 16, 2014

DVD Movie Review #122 Fairly Tail Part 9

Hello again and welcome to my next DVD movie review. As per the usual I like to continue series I am involved with and this is no exception. As soon as I finish Gakuen Alice this came up as I really enjoy this series and hope to better enjoy it as it comes out.

This volume starts off as the group goes through the test so that one of them can become a top S class wizard. The only problem is a super evil wizard and an evil guild have also decided to get in on the action leading to a slap drag fight. Warning: This story line does not complete in this volume.

Fairly Tail continues to be a good action anime with good colors and brilliant action. The characters work well together and the voice acting is well done. The music is well done with a great new opener and pretty nice ender getting you well into the series. The enemies in this one are clever and the plot is interesting.

Well apart from this volume ending in the middle of a story arc things are sadly not very new when it comes to the action anime standard.

In the end this is continuing a good series.

Rating:   7/10

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New:    $33.27  Barnes & Nobles

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