Saturday, May 10, 2014

DVD Movie Review #120 X-Files Season 2

Hello again and welcome to a new DVD movie review. This time I am reviewing X-Files season 2. This was a gift along with the rest of the series from a friend for Christmas so I is continued bed time viewing with my girlfriend. This is a fun series and worth having in any collection and I am glad to work on Season 2.

Season 2 picks up not long after Scully was abducted by Aliens. We also get to start seeing some of the other terms of success with the X-Files being restored and ending with a very crazy cliffhanger. This series amps up the suspense with new ideas. 

This time around the effects are much better than before and it shows. The acting has also had an upgrade so it only helps events. I feel that the writing team has done a better job doing much less of an issue than it was last season with repeats or at least better at hiding them. The Music level is the same but still enjoyable. 

I do feel that the writing is still the series weak point. Some of the stories either drag or are to hard to look at such as the bug story. Some of the stories continue to be repeated but as I stated above their skill level has been able to mask it better. 

In the end this is a good series and I shall continue.

Rating:  7/10 

As before this is the price of the full set I got including the movies. 

Used:   $111.49  Amazon Marketplace

New:   $138.92 Amazon Marketplace

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