Friday, May 23, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 5/23/14

Hello Again and welcome back to a new update. We will start with a bit of a random pick from Barnes and Noble where I took shelter from the Rain and obtained a Father's day present (the original Nutty Professor). I don't know where this one will go from here so lets see where this takes me...
 The Prince of Egypt 5/15/14: I am glad to finally get this Oscar winner out of my way. This one gained the Best original song and is known to have a very good score. I am very much looking forward to it and getting this one without having to buy Joseph: King of Dreams is a bargain for me.
The Towering Inferno 5/15/14:  Who doesn't like to look at a burning building? This has been on my list for a while but it was very expensive and to see this for $10 on Blu ray is an excellent deal for me. It has been on my list and I expect it to play much like its twin The Poseiden Adventure. There is something exciting about a Disaster Movie now and again it is a good bargain to have a good time with it once in a while especially when it is Academy Award Calibur.
Fairy Tail Part 10 5/19/14: I am enjoying this series vastly which is odd as I detest the series One piece which as a very similar style to it. I love to collect this as it comes out and must admit as I don't like watching it on my computer or reading the manga I am usually on pens and needles for this to come out each time. I will probably be writing a review for this set soon.
Haganai Next 5/19/14: This is another order. I really liked this series when I watched it in the Japanese as it came out. I am pretty psyched at this release of the second season. As usual Funimation does a a pretty sturdy box release for their limited edition stuff. I am still debating if it is worth the price hike but collectors editions do seem to gain in value with them.
The Irresponsible Captain Taylor OVA Collection 5/23/14: I must admit that I did not mean to buy this but it was calling to me from Movie Stop. I have heard about this series for a long time and jumped at getting the ova for a good price. This is the old Rightstuf release so I am going to at least have a good collector. I found that this is a sequel so I have the original on order.
Ghoulies/Ghoulies II Double Feature 5/23/14: This is a series I've been meaning to see and at the price I couldn't resist it. I am really not fond of Movie Stop for taking me and my money away :). I am actually going to watch the original today yay!
Mutiny on the Bounty 5/23/14: This was another of the $4 Moviestop buy three get one offerings. It is amazing what I can find for only a little money at times. This one is necessary as it is an oscar winner so it will be in my collection like it or not.
Repulsion 5/23/14: I know that Roman Planski is a child rapist but at the same time he made some really good films in his time. When I saw a used version of the blu ray criterion for $5 at Movie stop for the buy 3 get one this had to be my next buy.
The Starving Games 5/24/14: Ok I am not really one to have expected this one so I am adding this to this event. My mother bought this at wal-mart thinking it would be good she found out that it wasn't and decided to give it to me as I don't turn away DVDs. This is a very bad film but at the same time it could be worse it could be another copy of disaster movie .
Well so long until next time movie viewers.

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