Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DVD Movie Review #125 Downton Abbey Season 4

Here I am again with the next in a long series of fun characteristic sets of reviews. This time I have Downton Abbey Season 4. I like watching this series and want it available as soon as I can get it. My girlfriend is worse having to watch it as it airs overseas. Well I have been into it sense its release of season 2 and continue to be very into it as it continues on its winding path.

This season has us taking up right after the death of a major character in the end of season 3 and the family is not certain how to react or what to do. Of course life goes on and the need to save the estates from falling into bankruptcy and to keep up the continued problems coming in from different relationships starting and ending with the people both above and below.

The series is beautiful to look at. It is a Blu Ray series in all manor of things with the colors being brilliant almost as if you are at the estate taking tea yourself. The acting is superb and makes you fall fully in with the characters and being drawn into the intricate plot lines that the authors are weaving before your very eyes. The music is greatly done and suits the occasion.

The plot is overbearing sometimes and you feel quite a bit of melancholy as the series goes on. Some of the plot lines are re-used and may start to get stale should this continue. In the end this is probably the weakest season to date.

Overall this continues to be a very good series well worth watching.

Raging:  7/10

This is the PBS blue ray release dubbed the Original UK Edition

Used:    $23.00   Ebay

New:    $21.59   Ebay

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