Saturday, May 31, 2014

DVD Movie Review #127 The Fear

Hello again horror viewers I am back again to bring you another cheap piece of horror insanity for our wonderful and inspiring reviews. This time we review a film I picked up at Random from Movie Stop Called The Fear. It is kind of cool as I recently found a horror anthology collection I got a while back had the sequel to this and now as a completionist I am glad to have the original material.

This story follows a therapy college student doing his fellows a favor for his Thesis and giving them free fear therapy in a nice isolated cabin in the woods near an extremely creepy Santa's workshop. Our therapist to be is also having to face his own demons as his mother was killed there. They discover a wooden doll named Morty and decide to confide their fears to him. Little do they know, Morty will be delivering their fears right back at them with killer consequences.

This movie is not too badly done when it comes to special effects. The wooden doll is pretty creepy and so is the setting (especially the crazy Santa's Village). I think that the plot was not very badly written with some clever yet predictable twists at the end. The acting was ok for what you are getting but then again we shouldn't expect much. In the end this is not terrible for a horror film overall.

This was pretty boring at times with the long setup before anything actually happens. The music is pretty campy but what do you expect right? Finally the film quality is pretty gritty and actually worse than the last movie I reviewed "Slacker" yet this is not likely on purpose.

In the end yet another ok horror movie.

Rating:  6/10

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  1. From a script by the great Ron Ford, who directed many magnificent microbudget films like Dead Time Tales a.k.a. Things 3, Deadly Scavenger, And Hollywood Mortuary. I really loved this one, and have fond memories of seeing it when it was brand new to VHS. I still own the Vhs copy i bought back then, Thanks for your thoughts on this, in my opinion, amazing film.