Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DVD Movie Review #128 Voltron Collection Eight

Hello again and welcome to my next in my line up of wonderful DVD movie reviews. This time we are covering the 8th and final installment of the american version of the cartoon Voltron defender of the universe. This series was bought up in the lion sets as they were exceptionally cheap and I eventually finished the sets up by snatching up the last three for under $10 a piece. This feels like the end of an age for me as I feel I've been watching this series along with Andy Griffith for over a year now.

In this volume the search for a new home planet amps up as the Drool home planet is about to die. The final decisions are made for weather they will try to work together with the galaxy alliance or fight till the death to preserve their honor as warlords.

This series was a very good one as it had me hooked pretty much from the beginning. This space explorer story line is written quite well and this final arc is so good that I had to actually drop everything and watch it to the end. The characters are deeper than you would expect out of an Americanized Japanese anime from the 70s or 80s. The animation is much sharper than it was in the beginning and the action is pretty much non stop with less of the bad puns and campiness that had littered the rest of the series. The music is old yet it is appropriate with what I expect from the series. The voice acting has improved over the last time we have seen this group but still other than optimas prime's voice for the commander it could have been done better. I am satisfied with the way this series ended.

Well this series is as it is which is an older Americanized anime. I feel the plot here has improved over the past work but one may be turned away by the preahiness about how war and pollution ended the enemy planet. I also have to wonder about the enemy. I mean they have to be the most disorganized and undisciplined armed force in the universe. I mean they always disobey direct orders from their superiors fail a multitude of times and not get a lick of punishment for their actions. With this level of disorganization Is a wonder they were able to get out of bed in the morning much less challenge Voltron. In the end the only one that gets punished is the guy who is trying to present the only plans that might work and yet the guy's superiors are surprised when his misbehaving henchmen keep messing up by doing the same crap they did before. This is pretty frustrating and stinks of bad writing. Though despite this I cannot give it as much flak as the rest of the series.

This is pretty much a pretty strong end to an otherwise weak yet important series.

Rating:  7/10

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