Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SeptumSin's Blue Ray & DVD update Blog 6/24/14

Hello again and welcome to the next edition of my acquisition blog. We have some big film names coming in this one and I am looking forward to this as much as you hopefully are. I wish you all the best for this one.
The Lego Movie 6/18/14: Yup We have it the Lego Movie. I have already watched and reviewed it so you can see that when it comes to be published. This movie was shown to me by a friend and I knew I had to see it again right away. This movie is probably one of my favorite's of the year thus far and I hope that it holds up to the standard of best animated feature shwn it does come to down this award season.
 The Lone Ranger 6/18/14: I have been wanting this for a while as I am a collector of Johnny Depp film acting credits. I even have the movie he acted, wrote and directed called The Brave on DVD. I did, however find out that this movie sucked through plenty of reviews, even my mother who loves Johnny Depp was barely able to give this an "interesting". This was on sale for $10 and this allowed me to finally jump on adding this to the Johnny Depp collection.
 Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones 6/18/14: This movie is the next in the lineup of Paranormal Activity Movies. This one is sort of a side movie taking place in the same universe. I am an OCD collector and when I saw this on Blue Ray for $5 at Amazon new I had to jump on it. I am uncertain though if this is worth the money I paid for it....the cover is nice though.
The Grand Budapest Hotel 6/18/14: I wanted this as soon as I saw it in theaters. Wes Anderson is a master of artistic film and all of his movies are well worth a watch. I feel he keeps improving with each attempt and this is not a disappointment. I jumped at it and when Amazon offered a preorder price of $16 I couldn't help myself here.

Wolf Creek 2 6/24/14:  Well I have it, for $5 I bought the sequel to one of the least desirable films in my collection. I heard it and my OCD decided that it was time to get it. I cannot say how terrible thing will go with this one. I am going to be watching it soon...yay me.

Curse of Chucky 6/24/14: I have wanted this movie since I heard they were doing another sequel. I of course would not have paid full price for it. Walmart obliged me by having the DVD for $5. For that I am definatly going down the rabbit hole again.
Sand Sharks 6/24/14: This is a theater of the absurd. This is a cover that screams "BUY ME I'M TERRIBLE!" Either way sand shark is in my collection to stay. A shark in the sand with the sequel being predicted by Clerks "Salsa Shark!"

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