Saturday, June 21, 2014

DVD Movie Review #130 Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

Well we are back again with a series of fun and whimsical DVD movie reviews. This time we are reviewing Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.  This is the third in the set of Crocodile Dundee movies coming a full 13 years after the second film. I watched this and enjoyed it not long after it came out and after many years of having only the first two films in my collection much like the long delay above the trilogy is finally together.

This movie takes place pretty much as far from the second film as the films span between each other. This film follows Mick Dundee with the child he has had with his long term girlfriend from the first two films. Her father is ill and needs her help in the Los Angeles office the family takes the long journey to the big city and get involved in a shady film scheme to produce bad movies and make millions. Mick must go undercover and find out their real scheme before more problems come up.

This film is actually fun taking the old formula and putting it through the paces in a more modern world with a kid in tow. I feel that they didn't overuse the kid as they have in many films of the day and just incorporated him into the overall story. With the world messed up as it is this is a fun reminder. The acting is standard I am sad the Paul Hogan didn't make more films in his career. The music is a remix of the old with a little of the new so this is very well done for what we are getting. In the end this is a fairly solid entry in the series.

This is still not going quite as far as a shadow but it is a fainter and not quite as good as the other two movies. Paul Hogan is a fun actor in these but really he isn't suited to much else which is why his career is where it is. I feel that they really did recycle the old formula and just throw a kid and a new city in hoping for old success so no real originality here. I kind of feel this sequel was unnecessary and the story was definitely overused.  In the end I don't have a lot that is bad about this other than it is a paler version of two really good movies.

Rating:    6/10

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